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How To Create Your Own Career Landscape

business career mindset May 25, 2020

At this time when the media is full of negativity about the economy and job prospects, it is very easy to get drawn into a state of doom and gloom.

Go ahead and do that if you want to, but if you do, you should probably stop reading now because this is about creating a positive career outlook. 

This is a time to...

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Skills You Need to Navigate Any Career Fog

business career mindset May 18, 2020

As we came into 2020 the path was clear.

We could make plans for the future and see how our careers might pan out in the future.  

Or could you?   

I only ask because a lot of people work with me because they are lost in the fog and want to find a way out. They feel stuck in some way in their...

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Feeling flat about your career? It's time to get your career back on track!

business career mindset May 11, 2020

Wait a minute”, I hear you say, “I haven’t got a flat tyre. And anyway, what’s that got to do with my career?

Stay with me on this one, it’s a good analogy.

Imagine your career is going well. You enjoy the work, you love the people, you like the organisation. Because of that it allows you to do what...

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8 Tips To Help You Covid Proof Your Career

business career mindset May 04, 2020

I don’t know what your individual situation is or how Covid has affected you, but I do know two things:

Firstly, everyone I speak to has some concern about their career either right now or for the future.

Some have lost their job or been furloughed; some are just really concerned about the long term future of their job; some are still...

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How To Stay Visible So You Don’t Get Stuck


I’m going to make a generalisation here.

Think about whether it might apply to you.

Many people find those type of phrases challenging because they go against everything you were taught and it plays to beliefs you may have picked up as a child along the lines of it being bad to boast and “you shouldn’t blow your own...

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5 Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How To Easily Fix Them


Not reaching those goals?

There are many reasons why people do not achieve their career goals - or their goals in other areas of their life for that matter!

Today I am going to are with you the 5 top reasons why that is, and what you can do to be someone that does it differently and gets results.

1.   Clarity. Do you really...

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Mind Yer Effin’ Language

career mindset Apr 13, 2020

I mean it! 

The language you use can seriously affect how you feel and the results you get.

We’ll look at the big picture, then some specific examples. before finishing with a look at the language of covid.

Here we go.

Start to pay attention to the words and phrases you use in conversation, both with others, and with...

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Playing the Covid Miracles Forward, Something We Can Control!

career mindset Apr 06, 2020

Starting with the reality, we are in a severe situation with this pandemic and it’s affecting our whole planet. Most of you reading this will, by now, know people who have contracted the virus. Some of you will already, and I suspect many more of us will, know people who die from it.

There are many, many people whose jobs and work, and as...

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How to Work from Home without Killing the Cat

business career cv Mar 30, 2020

Many of you will have been working at home for a while now because of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. It can be quite a stressful time when you’re either sharing a space with other family members or living and working alone.

If you want some strategies to reduce stress and stay calm and in control, check out 7 great tips in last week’s...

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How to Manage Your Career Stress During Covid-19

business career cv Mar 23, 2020




These are words that are part of the Careers Landscape. Organisations have an onus to look after your wellbeing and to help you be resilient and deal with stress.

But how seriously they take it is a matter of conjecture when so many people are taking time off due to stress and anxiety.

Right now, this is a...

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