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WHO do you want to BECOME in 2020?


Before you even start setting goals it’s a good idea to do some preparation by looking back over your last year as you’ll get vital insights to help you create really powerful goals for the next year. 

Firstly, make a list of all the things you did last year that made you proud and happy. Look at all the different areas of your life and think about the little things that made someone smile as well as the big achievements.   

Here are the four main reasons this is important:

  1. First, we don’t pay enough attention to the good stuff. In fact, our minds tend to look for danger and negative things first
  2. You’ll feel great about yourself when you realise just how much you have done to be proud and happy about. So, take time to make this a long list
  3. If you know the sort of things that made you proud and happy this year, you can make sure that you do more of them next year
  4. What we focus on consistently we tend to create more of in our lives, so this...
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What were you doing 10 years ago today?


It’s a big question that we don’t often take time to think about.

After all, 10 years ago is almost ancient history with the speed that things change these days.

But what about the journey you’ve come on over those 10 years. Way back then, could you have imagined where you are today? All the things you learned? All the things you've done?


This is my story (briefly). What is yours?

10 years ago today I was a career coach with a young family, a small number of private clients and a heavy reliance on a couple of associate relationships. I was, perhaps, a bit unsure of where I was going, even though I loved my work. I was just becoming aware that most people, young and old didn’t know the stuff I knew about careers. I was just starting to talk about the difference it would make to them if they did.


What a blast the last 10 years have been!

I’ll keep this brief, but when you explore your last 10 years, make sure you take the time to really...

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Why a CV is a good idea for your team or business

business career cv Nov 25, 2019

We almost always think of CVs as being individual, but earlier this year I explored the concept of a team or business CV in a masterclass I ran for my Surrey BeCollaboration group. I was surprised at how well received it was and how valuable people found it.

Why is it useful?

  • Because it reminded them of the benefits they bring to customers (internally or externally)
  • For business owners or those facing external customers, it gave them some really powerful language to clearly articulate to prospects or customers, the benefits of working with them. Which results in more customers and/or better reputation
  • It helped members of the team understand each other better, further improving relationships, morale and motivation

What would a team CV include?

A mission statement / profile: what is the purpose of your team? Who do you help and what do they get from working with you? This relates to the profile on your CV. It needs to be punchy and highlight not just the key things you do and...

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Five Actionable Ways to get your CV Noticed

career cv Nov 18, 2019

It’s one of the most frustrating things when you’ve put a lot of effort into your CV and you still don’t seem to be getting interviews.

In this blog I’m going to share five of my top tips to make sure that your CV works well for you. Unless the advert asks for anything specific to the contrary, check these things about your CV.

1) Is your CV targeted?

You need to tweak your CV for every job you go for. Make sure that your profile highlights the aspects that are of interest to your reader, and check that the order of your achievement statements emphasises the most important things first.

2) If your CV is too long, nobody’s going to read it

In almost all instances 2 pages is enough to give the reader the information they need to decide whether to invite you in for interview.

Occasionally it’s relevant to have a third page. For example, you’re in IT and you’ve got a lot of software and hardware to list, or in a profession where...

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[Free CV Examples Inside] How to get your message across on your CV

career cv Nov 11, 2019

In The Monday Munch this week we’re talking about the importance of listening to feedback on your CV so that you can check that it’s sending the messages you intend to send to your reader.

The key message being that it’s not about what you think you said, but about how the reader is interpreting it. The point being that if people are not getting the message you want when they read your CV, its up to you to change it so that they do.

So, what other messages does your CV need to get across?

Your CV doesn’t need to just get across what you do. In fact, if that’s all it gets across it may well not be too successful. It needs to tell the reader something about who you are in terms of some of your qualities, and it needs to get across the results and benefits that you’ve brought to your organisation and customers (and could therefore do for a future employer).

Your messages need to be punchy and to the point. Remember that the job of the CV is not...

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One Job Action You Should Be Making Time For!

career cv time management Nov 04, 2019

Well, it’s Job Action Day today and in The Monday Munch we’re talking about the importance of reviewing your career regularly.

One of the actions that will come out of that is to keep your CV up-to-date.

When was the last time you updated your CV?

If it was recently, well done! I’m fairly confident that for most of you, though, it will be quite a long time ago. Possibly just before you got the job you’re in now.

But why do I need to update my CV if I’m not looking for a new job?

It’s a fair question. The answer is more than just to be ready if the worst happens and your job is made redundant suddenly. Although that’s not a bad reason, I guess. Actually, it’s even more important.

If you update your CV regularly, it means that you’ll be keeping track of all the new achievements you’ve got and the new skills you’re developing. That will be super important in getting the best result you can at your next performance...

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How To Fill Up Your Career Rucksack


I often use my expedition experiences as a metaphor for managing your career effectively.

First off, you have to prepare:

Gain the necessary skills and experience to undertake the expedition you’re planning. For example, before climbing Huascaran in Peru, at over 22,000 ft high, I’d undertaken a number of previous expeditions in remote and high altitude locations. I knew what to expect physically and, importantly, I’d built the mental strengths and resilience to achieve the climb.

In your career, all of your previous experience, sometimes from outside of work as well as in, will help you to manage your next career step, whether that’s in the same organisation or beyond. You’ll have gained and practiced skills found personal qualities that demonstrate that you can reach the next peak on your journey. There is physical equipment that you need to have with you to do the job - spanners and screw drivers, laptops and projectors, theodolites, pens and paper...

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How well do you really know yourself?


The immediate answer for many people is “completely”, or sometimes just “what a stupid question, of course I know myself”.

But is it really a stupid question?

Of course, you do know yourself. Hopefully better than anyone. But how much of that are you really aware of, and do you realise how not knowing and not being able to articulate it may be seriously limiting your career.

Here’s Why!

You see, as human beings we operate very much from our conscious minds and for most situations this works extremely well for us. When you first learn to do something, you have to think about every step consciously in order to do it effectively. It could be driving a car, playing a sport or a musical instrument, or doing your job.

Once you’ve learnt it though, you’ve trained your subconscious mind and it can then deal with the mechanics of the activity without you needing to consciously think about it.

Now, you just jump in the car and drive, pick up the...

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Three Top Tips To Help You Make Difficult Career Decisions


The thought of making big decisions, particularly around careers, is enough to send many people into a state of procrastination and high stress.

I notice it particularly with clients who are either students about to take their first career step, or those trying to make a career change in their 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Let me give you an example.

I was taken by a client to a careers fair at a university in London to run a couple of workshops and answer ad-hoc career questions from students at the event.

One student, who was quite visibly distressed, explained that she had 5 things that she loved doing and making a career decision would mean dropping four of them. She had been told that she could only choose one for her career. I explained how she only had to make a decision for the first step of her career, and that she would be able to incorporate the other things or change careers entirely when and if she chose to in the future. As she took this all in, I could see the anxiety leave her...

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How To Enjoy Your Career Journey


 “Yeah, right!”.

How many people do you know who would respond like that if you said to them “it’s easy to enjoy work”. There might even be a heavy tone of sarcasm in their voice.  You may know a few people like that, who don’t really enjoy their job.

Consider this though: it’s your choice. You can’t control what other people do, but you can always decide how you will look at the situation. You just have to stop, notice what you’re feeling and, if it isn’t what you want, do something about it.

Sadly, there are not many organisations who train their staff in the necessary skills to increase the enjoyment and reduce the stress in their working life: in other words, how to manage their career.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was delighted to collaborate with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert, Lisa Allen to deliver a session at a new teachers conference for the GLF Multi Academy Trust which we called “Enjoying...

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