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Dave Cordle, Career Coach

My varied career, combined with my love of mountaineering and helping people develop, have brought me to where I am today: a fully accredited career professional and founder of The Career Base Camp.

I am so passionate about helping people achieve career success and have 20 years of experience doing just that across a huge range of industries and professions.

My skill set is in helping you make the most of yours!

SC - Global team manager

"I now have a feeling of being in control again ...  At the time of starting I was sure I would have to leave this role but I felt trapped due to good financial package in the role at the same time.

Now I feel in control of my career again and if I stay in this role its because I choose too and if I leave it is because I am growing my career and choosing to move roles or even company.

I now have a mindset that I can keep growing and I’m not at the peak of my career and for that matter not at the peak of my earning potential either! I can find both – a life with balance, a career with enjoyment and fulfilment and earn well enough too."

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