Five Ways Not To Be Nervous At Interviews


Interview is the thing that people fear most about the process of getting a new job.

But it doesn't have to be.

Follow these top tips to feel more confident and perform better at interview. 

1. Its as much about you as them

Many people feel like they are going for an interrogation when they go for interview and, like someone I worked with this week, almost obliged to accept if the job is offered. 

Interview is as much about whether they are right for you as it is about whether you are right for them. So make sure that you've worked out what's important to you and ask whatever you need to ask so that you know whether its a job you want to accept. 

2. They want to hear how good you are

Most people don't like to feel like they are selling themselves.

If you're going to do well at interview you need to get over this. 

If you think about it, the interviewers are on your side here. They've invited you in because they know you are good, and they want you to tell them how you can solve their problem (of not having someone to do that job) so they can make a good decision for their business about employing you.

3. It's just a meeting

Try to frame this in your head as a meeting (which it is). You've probably had dozens of them in your lifetime, so you're already good at them.

Every meeting you've been to (hopefully) has a purpose. You discuss things and come away with outcomes and actions.

This is no different.

They have a job with nobody to do it and you are looking for somewhere good to use your skills. You discuss how you match their requirements and how they match yours.

If there's a match both ways there will be an offer and you will accept it. If not you'll both move on.

4. Give good examples

When you're answering questions, make sure that you give examples and make sure that you follow through to the outcomes and benefits those outcomes produced.

After all, if you tell them the outcomes and benefits, they'll know what they could be getting if they employ you.

5. Practice out loud

This is the most important thing for your confidence. 

Most people aren't used to saying really positive things about themselves so you need to get used to it. Practicing out loud ensures that you are used to hearing yourself say positive things about yourself. 

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