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  • Find out how to go from stuck and unhappy to find joy and fulfilment at work
  • Easy to follow step-by-step guides and videos to enjoy your current work more and get the roles you want when its time to change
  • Learn how to reduce stress and make sure your work fits with the rest of your life
It's all about going to work with a smile on your face
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"This is really important for busy people who just bumble along, sometimes grumbling, but not actually putting time and a structure in place to resolve issues."

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In your career or working life right now....

  • Do you feel lost, stuck, held back and generally dissatisfied
  • On Sunday night, are you dreading the working week ahead?
  • Are you facing redundancy?
  • Don't know what is possible or where to start?
  • Just can't seem to get to that next step?
  • Feel like there must be something more?

There is something more AND you can get there!


Perhaps your current role clashes with your lifestyle. Perhaps you are missing quality time with your children or loved ones. Or tired of being under appreciated in the workplace.

No matter the reason. CHANGE is a MUST. The Career Base Camp gives you the space and expert guidance you need to create and action that change.

What can you expect inside?

  • Expert knowledge
  • Best practices
  • All the things you need to create the career you want
  • Community of like-minded campers & career expeditioners
  • Special offers, expert guests and the opportunity to share and sculpt something unique

A space where individuals ARE encouraged to not to settle but to REACH for a career that brings joy, passion and can support what you want from your life.

Here's what you get access to with each membership of The Career Base Camp... 


As a member of The Career Base Camp you will have access to a full set of on-line learning that will help you manage your career now and in the future, whether progressing in the organisation, making a job or career change, or just enjoying your current role more.

Ask your career questions in our private LinkedIn group

You're not alone! You'll get access to our Private LinkedIn group where you'll join others just like you who are looking to take their career to the next level.

Ask questions, get support and encouragement from each other and interact with me.

Expert Guidance from me, Dave Cordle

My varied career, combined with my love of mountaineering and helping people develop, have brought me to where I am today: a fully accredited career professional coaching other people to reach their career heights.

I am so passionate about helping people achieve career success and have over 20 years of experience doing just that across a huge range of industries and professions.

My skill set is in helping you make the most of yours!

Instant access to training modules covering all the areas you need to manage your career and your future!


  • Setting professional goals that align with your own life
  • Strategies to pin-point your ideal role or next career
  • Step-by-step guide to creating a knockout CV
  • Networking for career success
  • Interview preparation and practice
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Take a peak inside the membership...


Your membership includes expert online on-demand courses in all the areas you need to manage your career effectively and go to work with a smile on your face, including: 

  • Mindsets for career success
  • Generating and exploring career ideas and options
  • Setting your own professional goals that align with the rest of your life
  • Clarity on your Ideal role right now
  • Transferable skills
  • Work values
  • Using your network to enhance your career, including LinkedIn
  • Creating powerful CVs, whatever your target market
  • Using recruiters and all the other routes to the job market
  • Interviewing confidently, comfortably and competently

And if at any point you want to benefit from personal career coaching  you'll get a guaranteed discount on one-to-one career coaching of at least 10% of the current fee.


Not sure if it's for you? Here's what our Career Base Camp members have to say...

Networking is an incredible tool.

"I have networked with a number of people within my current organisation and have started a number of conversations about opportunities, something I had previously not done."

Look out LinkedIn...

"I also wrote an elevator pitch/script which I shared on LinkedIn and I was amazed at the response I received from people who offered advice and leads to potential job opportunities."

Push out of your comfort zone!

"The Career Base Camp also gets you to think about what you really want and to move out of your comfort zone to create the work environment and life that you really want."

Would you recommend the Career Base Camp?

"I would happily recommend the Base Camp to anyone looking to make a change in their career, and for the following reasons...

There is a structure to it which is essential to anyone feeling lost and not knowing what to do next, and there is also a momentum through the contact with others and stream of posts.

It's too easy to find standalone articles and advice online but the Base Camp offers proper guidance through the overall process as well as the 'top tips'."


It's time to take action and move towards a career and life of your choosing!

Will I see you inside? I hope so!

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