How to make sure you achieve your goals (part 1)


If you read last week's blog you'll recall that the place to start with setting your goals is firstly to look back over the last year (or further if you want) and recognise all the things you loved, the things you achieved and the things you want to stop doing, start doing or keep doing. 

The background work

Then I got you to think about who you want to be over the next year and what you want to experience, do and have. And you'll have picked a goal to bring into this week. If you haven't read those blogs yet, you can either go back now and do so, or just pick a goal to work with for today. 

All you need to know is when you want it by and phrase it in the present tense with the specific date: It is [date] and I have achieved [goal].

Getting Motivated

To get motivated you need to attach emotions to your goals. So think about this goal and take yourself forward to the date you've achieved it. Imagine that it is that date and you have achieved that goal. 

If it helps, imagine where you are and what you are doing. 

Now, still imagining you're there and have achieved the goal: 

What do you see?

What can you see in your life as a result of achieving that goal. It might be physical things (a new office or job, or a better work environment), or it might be the look on your face in the mirror in the morning, or the way other people respond to you. 

What do you hear?

What are you saying to yourself now that you've achieved this goal? And what are other people saying to you? Do you sound any different having achieved the goal (more energised? more positive? ).

What do you feel?

Having achieved this goal, how does that make you feel? Think about when you wake up in the morning. As you go through your day. As you rest your head on the pillow to go to sleep at night. How do you feel?

Anything else? 

Is there anything else about achieving that goal, maybe smells or tastes that you want to add to what it is like having achieved your goal?

Final Check

Now you're all fired up about your goal, just check, are there any negative consequences of achieving this goal? If there are, identify how you are going to mitigate against them or how you need to tweak your goal so that there is nothing in the way of you achieving it. 

Starting the journey

Next week we are starting the journey, adding a bit more about how to get motivated, working out the first steps.

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