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Three Top Tips To Help You Make Difficult Career Decisions


The thought of making big decisions, particularly around careers, is enough to send many people into a state of procrastination and high stress.

I notice it particularly with clients who are either students about to take their first career step, or those trying to make a career change in their 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Let me give you an example.

I was taken by a client to a careers fair at a university in London to run a couple of workshops and answer ad-hoc career questions from students at the event.

One student, who was quite visibly distressed, explained that she had 5 things that she loved doing and making a career decision would mean dropping four of them. She had been told that she could only choose one for her career. I explained how she only had to make a decision for the first step of her career, and that she would be able to incorporate the other things or change careers entirely when and if she chose to in the future. As she took this all in, I could see the anxiety leave her...

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How To Enjoy Your Career Journey


 “Yeah, right!”.

How many people do you know who would respond like that if you said to them “it’s easy to enjoy work”. There might even be a heavy tone of sarcasm in their voice.  You may know a few people like that, who don’t really enjoy their job.

Consider this though: it’s your choice. You can’t control what other people do, but you can always decide how you will look at the situation. You just have to stop, notice what you’re feeling and, if it isn’t what you want, do something about it.

Sadly, there are not many organisations who train their staff in the necessary skills to increase the enjoyment and reduce the stress in their working life: in other words, how to manage their career.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was delighted to collaborate with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert, Lisa Allen to deliver a session at a new teachers conference for the GLF Multi Academy Trust which we called “Enjoying...

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3 Top Tips to Getting More Done With Less Stress


One thing’s for sure, if you don’t manage your time effectively, everyone else will dictate your agenda and probably increase your stress levels in doing so.

So, here are my top three tips to getting more done with less stress (and a bonus at the end):


1. How to arrange a meeting with someone

If you’re trying to arrange a meeting with someone, don’t send them an email giving loads of alternatives. Otherwise it limits what else you can organise. Offer one (or maximum two) specific times for the meeting; times that suit you. That way, you stay in control of your agenda and can organise your other activities.


2. Make a list of everything you have to do and then categorise it: 

  1. Things that are important and urgent and that only you can do (be really strict on this one)
  2. Things that are important but not urgent that only you can do (schedule a day when you’ll do these)
  3. Things you don’t have to do, but somebody does (give...
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Your kids’ education won’t teach them this!

career mindset young people Sep 23, 2019

If you’ve come across to this blog from The Monday Munch you’ll already know the answer to this.

It’s that the education system doesn’t teach your children how to manage their career effectively – to get jobs they love that support a lifestyle they’ve chosen. 

This short video (it really is worth just under 2 minutes of your time) outlines the key things that your kids will need in their career toolkit to thrive when they leave education. If they don’t have them, they are likely to experience the anxiety and stress during the  (statistically likely) career changes and redundancies they’ll face. Or you could share the skills with them so they are able to turn them into exciting opportunities. 

If you want to help your kids by setting them on the road to getting these skills, sign up to my Free (yes it really is!) “9 Days to Career Success” course and then share what you learn with them.

Click here to sign up


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5 Career Benefits to Being Active on LinkedIn

business career networking Sep 16, 2019

Do I really need to be on LinkedIn?

The short answer is YES, and here’s why it’s a no brainer!

There are around 33 million people in the UK who are working or available to work.

There are 27 million UK users on LinkedIn which is, as I’m sure you’ve just worked out, very much the majority of the working population.

There are plenty of jobs on LinkedIn these days, but it’s primarily a networking site where you can start conversations that will enhance your career or business. Have a look at this short video (it’s only a minute long) to see more.

Here are 5 Career Benefits to Being Active on LinkedIn:

  1. At the simplest level, it’s a place to have a public professional profile and be found
  2. You can network with other professionals in your field to;
    • build and enhance your reputation
    • gain contacts and information that will be useful in your current role and organisation
    • build networks that will help you research your next career steps (in the same...
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How do I get motivated at work?


If you’re struggling to get motivated again after the summer (or maybe you’ve been feeling de-motivated for a while), I’ve recorded a short video to help you get re-motivated.

Three key things to remember to underline the points in the video:

  1. Don’t wait for someone else to motivate you. Make it happen yourself.
  2. Getting motivated will give you more energy and make you feel happier.
  3. When you’re motivated, you’re likely to be in control of your career (rather than letting other people direct you).
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How do you maintain income when transitioning to self-employment?


If you’ve been working in an organisation all of your life transitioning to self-employment can be a challenging and perhaps stressful time. One of the biggest fears is about whether you’ll make enough money to live on.

Here are three tips to make the transition to self-employment easier.


Get your mindset right for self-employment

This is some advice that I really could have done with when I became self-employed in 2001. I’d been working in organisations (public and private sector) all of my life and was used to getting a paycheque at the end of every month.

When you’re self-employed, particularly at the start, you’re likely to have months that are fairly low income which are balanced by those that are very financially rewarding. Getting in the habit of looking at your income over a year, rather than each month, helps ease the pressure. As long as you’re doing all the other essential activities to run a successful business, you’ll...

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Three actions to help you create a success mindset

business career mindset Aug 26, 2019

As we come to the end of this four week mini-series reducing stress and increasing calm, our focus turns to gratitude.

The Gratitude Attitude

There’s a lot around about the power of gratitude. You may have come across it. It links to one of the key mindsets for success:

What you focus on consistently you tend to get more of in your life.

There’s no magic to this. Your unconscious mind filters information based on what you’ve told it is important to you. By focussing on what you want and like, your unconscious mind will filter so that you notice more of those things.

Gratitude helps you to make sure that you focus on the good things – from the big fabulous achievements, to the smaller things like that nice cup of tea you made this morning, the smile you exchanged with someone in the street, or that you just caught the train this morning.

I’ve got three actions for you below which will help you get into the habit really easily.


  1. Every morning when...
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Where is your calm place?

business career mindset Aug 19, 2019

Here in the UK August is traditionally holiday season and holidays are a great way to switch off from work and recharge our batteries.

But what about the rest of the time! It’s just as important to be able to stay calm and manage any stresses right through the year. If you’ve read the last couple of Monday Munch’s you’ll already have some strategies that will help.

This week I’m going to share a couple more.


Where is your calm place?

Think about a time when you felt really relaxed and calm and happy. Make it a specific time. Take a moment to go back there in your mind and re-live the moment, remember it clearly. What could you see, what could you hear, taste, smell, feel?  As you recall that memory and all the details of it, you’ll start to feel that lovely relaxed, calm and happy feeling that you had back then; and the great thing is that now you’ve got it right here and right now.

Mine is on a hillside above Ullswater in the...

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Border control for your career

business career mindset Aug 12, 2019

Do you ever feel like you’ve got so much on, and there are still people asking you for more things, whether it be bits of work or meetings or problems to solve?

It’s not something you have to put up with. You can choose to do something about it.

Setting Your Boundaries

When I talk about setting your boundaries, I’m talking in terms both of your time and the things that you do. It’s very easy to get into a situation where you feel like you just haven’t got time to do everything. 

 So, take a few minutes to step back and take a new look.

  • What are you doing that you don’t have to do?
  • What are you doing that someone else could (or perhaps should) be doing?
  • Are you taking work home at night, or answering emails at all hours?
  • Are you working way more hours that you’re contracted for?
  • Do you have so much work that you can’t possibly do it in the hours available?

 If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, isn’t...

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