Time to start calling the shots in your career?


This is one to really stop and think about. We’d all like to think that we are in total charge of our career. But are you really

Are you proactive in making sure you areand that you continue to do jobs that you love? Or are you just going with someone else’s flow? Perhaps the company you work for, your family that surround you, or another influence.

Times of change and uncertainty can be particularly unsettling, especially if deep down you know that your career is not where you would like it to be.  

So what do you do if your career world isn’t perfect 

I’m not talking necessarily about changing career or even job, but it may be something you are considering. I’m talking about getting rid of that uncertainty from you career for good.  

There’s a great line from the film 'Shakespeare In Love'. The owner of The Globe Theatre is continually being hounded by debt collectors and uncertainty about whether his projects will work out. Everything looks grim but his attitude is;

“It will work. I don’t know how it will work, but it will work”.

Imagine feeling as confident as this in your career, that all will work out well, even in the grimmest moments when you are not sure how.  

Change is the one constant and the pace of change only seems to increase.

Right now we are living in a time of massive change and great uncertainty for many. Maybe you.  If you wish to start removing the uncertainty, feeling more in control and able to do something about it, here are some great places to start.  

It’s time for you to start calling the shots in your career, start here. 

If you are working from home:  

  • Set times when you are working and when you are not working 
  • Make time for social interaction either with colleagues or people in your locality 
  • Take breaks regularly, including lunch break 
  • Consider whether it would benefit you to get dressed for 'work'
  • Take time to exercise. A walk round the block in your break and/or at the start and end of the day (simulating a walk to and from work) 

For a deeper dive on this topic explore this blog: How to Work from Home without killing the Cat


Set your boundaries:  

  • Make sure you take breaks. Especially a lunch break and get away from your desk, preferably out of the office.

  • Set your 'home' time. Just because the culture of the organisation is that everyone works into the evening, it does not mean that you have to (unless you choose to, of course).

  • Do not be available 24/7 to answer work emails and calls. When you go home, it is your time. It maintains your mental health and benefits the company because if you are less stressed you will get more done when you are there.  

  • Have conversations with the people you need to so that you can set appropriate boundaries and not be inundated with more work that one person can possibly complete.  

  • However much you like to help people or that its just easier and quicker to do it yourself, do not take on things that aren’t yours to do if you haven’t got time. Especially if you are a Manager, get in the habit of asking the people who come to you with problems “what’s your suggestion and recommendation for how we might solve this?" This approach can free up your time and empower the staff member (if this resonates with you then I suggest reading: Border Control for Your Career)

  • Create half an hour or an hour every week to work on your career rather than in it.  

  • Review your personal and professional goals 

  • Check your current role against your work values: How is your career as it stands meeting those values and are there any tweaks you can make to bring it more into line?  

  • Keep your portfolio of W-H-O contribution stories up to date. It stands for What did you do , How did you do it, and what were the Outcomes and benefits. This is so important for your next performance appraisal and if you are going to the job market, for interviews.  

  • Set your intention for the days and weeks ahead. Not just what do you want to achieve, but how do you want to BE. 

Over to you! What actions will you take now, and when, to get more fulfilment and enjoyment from the work you do?  



For further support check out the valuable resources available on Dave Cordle Career Coaching: Click here


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