Who’s in charge of your mind?

career mindset Jun 17, 2019

I’ve got a short video for you this week, and although the answer to this question might seem obvious, very often the true answer is somewhat different.

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There is a trumpet we all need to learn to play, and that is our own

career mindset Jun 10, 2019

Now, why in a career blog would I be talking about trumpets?

I don’t play one and probably never will, but there is a trumpet we all need to learn to play, and that’s our own.

Bear with me..

We have been told since we were really small, things like “do not blow your own trumpet” and “it is bad to brag”.


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How to sell yourself comfortably - without feeling like you are!


In this video I wanted to share a brilliant framework with you, one that will help you sell yourself comfortably, without feeling like you are.

So if you get nervous at the thought of having to 'blow your own trumpet' then this is worth 90 seconds of your time.

My hope is you will use this framework to benefit you...

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Always know the outcome before you start

mindset May 27, 2019

One of the simplest ways you can reduce stress, get more done and get more of what you want is by remembering, before you start anything, to take a few moments to decide what the outcome is that you want.

It doesn’t matter how big or small that something is.

It could be your major life, career or business goals (in which case you’ll...

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Why you should keep your CV up to date – even if you own the company!

business career May 20, 2019

The answer to this isn’t necessarily as obvious as you think!

OK, well I guess there’s one really obvious answer:

So that you’re always ready to go to the job market, especially when the unexpected happens like your role is made redundant.

BUT, there are other reasons that you will benefit by updating your CV regularly (I...

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What is possible for you?

mindset May 13, 2019

Your Mindset Morsel this month hails back to something that happened a long time ago, but which can teach us a valuable lesson right here and now.

You can! ...but do you really want to?
It was 65 years ago this month that Roger Bannister ran the first sub-four minute mile. He did it at the Iffley Road Track in Oxford on 6th May 1954.

The current...

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Networking - Just Do It.


You’ve almost certainly heard people talking about networking. You may have these or other reactions: 

  • I’ve heard of it but I don’t really know what it means
  • I’m terrified of it / it feels totally alien to me / it feels uncomfortable
  • I already do it, love it and find it useful and fun

 Wherever you are now,...

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Is what you think true?

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2019

Your Mindset Morsel this month is all about understanding why it is that other people sometimes see things so differently from you.

Of course, what you saw is the truth  - what they saw is just their opinion. But remember they’d say the same about you!

Want to understand why people see things differently from you?

Sport provides a...

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The Me We Reflection

mindset Apr 22, 2019

I saw a great picture on Instagram the other week. You may have caught my short video on Linked about it.

If you take the word ME and draw the reflected image of it underneath you get WE. And that got me thinking about how what we do individually is really important; your skills, qualities, achievements, contributions and impact. After all,...

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Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself

mindset Apr 15, 2019

This Mindset Morsel is all about getting really aware of what you're saying to yourself and the effect it could be having on your results.

As usual it's something simple that you can take away and try out now.

Is “should” ruling your life?

Just take a moment to think about how often you use the word “should”?

You might be...

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