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One Job Action You Should Be Making Time For!

career cv time management Nov 04, 2019

Well, it’s Job Action Day today and in The Monday Munch we’re talking about the importance of reviewing your career regularly.

One of the actions that will come out of that is to keep your CV up-to-date.

When was the last time you updated your CV?

If it was recently, well done! I’m fairly confident that for most of you, though, it will be quite a long time ago. Possibly just before you got the job you’re in now.

But why do I need to update my CV if I’m not looking for a new job?

It’s a fair question. The answer is more than just to be ready if the worst happens and your job is made redundant suddenly. Although that’s not a bad reason, I guess. Actually, it’s even more important.

If you update your CV regularly, it means that you’ll be keeping track of all the new achievements you’ve got and the new skills you’re developing. That will be super important in getting the best result you can at your next performance appraisal.

Why? because if you’re updating your CV correctly, you’ll be recording not just what you did, but the outcomes and benefits of those things. Articulating the benefits you’ve brought to the team and your organisation is what will get you that best result.

You will also find it’s useful when talking to internal and external customers. And of course, it will be useful if you do decide to go to the job market. You’ll always be ready to take an opportunity if it comes.

Getting help with your CV

If you want help with your CV I have an on-line course available for only £20 which will take you through different styles of CV and how to create each one.

One recent customer said:

“Dave’s course was easy to use. Video clips short, and to the point. I especially liked the printable attachments with examples and bonus material, especially covering letter examples”.

You can access the course here:

How to Create a CV that will get you Interviews.

Alternatively, if you wish to work directly with a properly accredited Career Professional you could contact me, or I can recommend Mark Rice of Career Thinking in the Midlands, Ruth Winden of Older Yet Bolder in the North East). Both can work with you on all aspects of your career and Ruth is a specialist in working with those over 50).

There are many more accredited Career Professionals around the country and you’ll find them by searching the official UK Register of Career Development Professionals.

Click here to explore the Official UK Register of Career Development Professionals

Have a great week!


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