What were you doing 10 years ago today?


It’s a big question that we don’t often take time to think about.

After all, 10 years ago is almost ancient history with the speed that things change these days.

But what about the journey you’ve come on over those 10 years. Way back then, could you have imagined where you are today? All the things you learned? All the things you've done?


This is my story (briefly). What is yours?

10 years ago today I was a career coach with a young family, a small number of private clients and a heavy reliance on a couple of associate relationships. I was, perhaps, a bit unsure of where I was going, even though I loved my work. I was just becoming aware that most people, young and old didn’t know the stuff I knew about careers. I was just starting to talk about the difference it would make to them if they did.


What a blast the last 10 years have been!

I’ll keep this brief, but when you explore your last 10 years, make sure you take the time to really celebrate the journey and the things you have learned and achieved, inside and outside of work.

For me, it’s been about a growing sense of purpose, talking to people around the world and finding that many of them are of a similar mindset. It’s been about learning loads of new things from the very practical bits of running a business to whole new levels of mindsets and attitudes and getting into the detail of Emotional Intelligence. I’ve discovered that I can articulate that purpose (create a world where everyone has the skills and confidence to define and create success for themselves), and that I can make more of a difference than I ever imagined possible.


And tomorrow I become President of The Career Development Institute

Whilst I could have entertained the possibility of being a School Governor and Chairing the Board of Trustees of a scout group, I would never have imagined being on the Board of the Institute of Career Certification International, which I did of 8 years, or chairing the Global Career Council. Even a year ago, becoming President of the Career Development Institute in the UK wasn’t even on my radar, and yet tomorrow that’s a role I shall start.

I’m not sharing these things to impress you, but to impress upon you that if you have something you care about, something that you’re passionate about, you need to DO something about it.

When I started out on this journey, I couldn’t even articulate the mission I described above.


What was the journey you made then?

So take the time to look back over the last 10 years and recognise the journey you’ve come on in that time. The things you’ve done, what you’ve achieved, and who you are now compared to back then. Are you more confident, are you doing something you never even dreamed back then would be possible? 

This is an exercise that can be fun to do with a group of colleagues or friends, or with your family.


The lesson to take forward

The reason I’ve asked you to do this reflection on the last 10 years is to motivate you for the next 10.

Take the step forward, have the conversation, do the action; start putting energy into what you’re passionate about or care about. Once you’re moving, you can steer your course, using your emotions and values as the compass to create the vision you’ve mapped out. You don’t have to know every detail of the route to start moving forwards. You don’t have to see the mountain top to take the first step.


Here's what you could do next

So my challenge to you is this: take some time out now to recognise the journey you’ve been on over the last 10 years, the things you achieved; the things you learned; the difference you made to those around you.

Celebrate it and then tune in through December as we focus on getting more of what you want on the next stage of the journey.

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