Teachers! Autumn term on YOUR terms

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2022

My purpose in writing this blog is two-fold.

Firstly to highlight the things that teachers are saying about their own profession in the hope that if you agree with some of these points, you’ll help raise awareness of the changes needed by sharing this post. 

Secondly, to offer some tips to teachers to help you start to make things better in the moment and take the first steps on the road to change.

What teachers are saying

What has prompted this is also two fold. Of course, one groups of professionals I love to help is teachers, because everyone talks about career education in schools but nobody else, least of all their employer, seems to be on the side of helping teachers with their career. The second is that I’ve been reading some of the comments that teachers make, such as these recent comments on social media:

  •  “Dealing with the levels of stress you can face in a school is unimaginable when you don't do it yourself”
  • “I'm about to leave FE, it's all about stats and performance now. No one earns a certificate, they are given one if they turn up”
  • “Outside perception that teachers have it easy is difficult to deal with. Don't understand the hours put in outside of the classroom”
  • “The curriculum is impossibly crowded”
  • “I’m not getting any joy out of it”

Make the autumn term better for you

So if you’re a teacher, what can you do if you are feeling overwhelmed or out of love with your job? Here are three tips:  

  1. Don’t waste energy on things you can’t control or influence
    • What you do always have control over is how you react and how you feel
    • Notice how you’re feeling and the results you’re getting
    • If they aren’t what you want, ask “what would I rather have or feel?”
  2. Decide on your boundaries
    • When are you prepared to work? When aren’t you?
    • If people are asking you to work beyond reasonable boundaries, challenge them. If you don’t, then you are deciding to go along with it (see point 1)
  3. Take action
    • Come up with three options to move towards your answer to the question in point 1. Pick your favourite and act on it.
    • If it helps, book time in your diary to stop working and spend time with your family, friends, or just chilling on your own.


FINALLY, whatever you’ve been told, it is NOT a sign of weakness to ask for help. If its related to anything in this article or anything else to do with your career, please reach out and have a free Career Discovery/Strategy session. You can book it here: FREE Career Discover/Strategy Session

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