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Five Top Tips To Start Your Career Change

career cv networking Feb 24, 2020

One of the key things that stops people changing their career is that they do not know where to start. Often, even people who are fairly unhappy will stick with a job or career because it seems to difficult to do anything about it and they haven’t got the skills that they’d gain from talking with a career professional.

In last week’s blog I shared 5 key reasons why It's Never too Late to Change Career. In this blog I’m going to share my top tips to getting started with a career change.

Tip 1: Understand that almost all of your skills are transferable.

We often define ourselves and others by job titles and industries. Once we’ve been working in a career for a while, especially if that’s in the same organisation, we start to think that’s all we can do. I hear clients say things like “I’m just a project manager, that’s all I know”. Firstly, nobody is “just” anything and secondly,...

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5 Reasons It Is Never Too Late to Change Your Career

business career cv Feb 17, 2020

One thing that is consistent in the world of work today is that it is continually changing, and that change seems to be getting faster.

It is reckoned that someone joining the workforce today will have three or four different careers, either through choice or because of changes to their organisation or industry. When I started work, had I ever considered the question (which I’m fairly sure I didn’t back then), I probably would have expected to be a cartographer for the whole of my working life, probably with the same government department.

Are you an exception?

So, I’m an exception compared with many of my generation in that I’m on my third career. I loved cartography although I wouldn’t say I had a passion for it. I enjoyed computer systems development: the money was good, the people were nice, the work was fine, but there was something missing. Career Coaching on the other hand - I love it! I have a passion for it, and I can’t think of a better...

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How To Get Your Saturdays Back [And Other Top Tips!]

career cv mindset Feb 10, 2020

I was invited to talk for a few minutes at the opening of the Career Guidance and Development CPD Conference at The University of the West of Scotland. The whole day was fabulous on a number of levels and prompts some great practical tips for your career (we will get to the Saturdays in a mo).

There were some great key-note presentations and workshops, so it was wonderful for my own continuing professional development. I love that that there are always new things to learn and there were two sessions I particularly enjoyed:

  • Dr Julia Yates sharing some great creative career coaching tools in a session she called “Unsticking the Stuckness”. I particularly liked that this added even more tools to my own career coaching tool kit as I work a lot with people who feel “stuck” in their career.
  • Dr Jonathan Vincent from the University of York’s talk was about “The transition to employment for autistic students and graduates”. What I loved about...
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How to get the best result from your performance appraisal

career mindset Feb 03, 2020

Well, the next couple of months will see performance appraisals coming up for many of you (and even if it isn’t, pay attention as this will be useful). 

What’s your experience been so far. In your organisation, are they in-depth discussions about the difference you’ve made to the company, the areas to develop and grow in, and the place where you set goals that are meaningful and inspirational to you and the organisation? 

Didn’t think so!

In a lot of organisations (and this may not be true of yours) performance appraisal is the place to dust off the goals you set last year, realise things have changed and they aren’t actually relevant any more, then ditch them and talk a bit about what actually happened. Then you set more objectives and put them in the drawer not to be seen again until next year. Of course, what happens in that meeting often affects the amount of money you’ll get paid each month over the next year, so it seems a shame to...

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How not to miss your goldfish (even if you don’t have one!)

business career Jan 27, 2020

Intrigued? I hope so!

But what if you were that person with the goldfish which you loved and nurtured and fed? And what if you worked such long hours that you hardly ever got to see it? And when you did you were tired and grouchy. You’d probably feel like you were missing out on this relationship. I guess it’s probably neither here nor there to the goldfish because allegedly they only remember things for a few seconds. But what if it wasn’t a goldfish. 

What if it was your friends, your husband or wife … OR YOUR KIDS?

This is a serious problem for many people when I start to work with them. They are in jobs that mean they miss out on hobbies or pastimes, on seeing their friends or, even worse, on seeing their kids grow up. They are out of the house before the kids are up and back after they’re in bed. So they are effectively just a weekend parent to their kids. Alternatively, they might be trying to juggle work around the school drop off and...

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I Intend You To Take This Action

business career cv Jan 20, 2020

Well, that’s a bit of a presumptuous and bold title, I guess. I mean, you could even say it’s a bit provocative. You might have looked at it and thought “bloomin’ cheek! We’ll see about that!”

But that’s the point of this whole article. If you have an intention, you’re more likely to achieve it. And it’s more than just goal setting, although it does link to one of my ten favourite mindsets: always know the outcome you want before you start anything, however big or small.

Now that could be a great big juicy goal, or it could be the meeting you’re about to go into or the call you’re about to make. You might be thinking of outcomes in terms of what you want to get from the meeting or goal in terms of results, and there’s no harm in that. In fact, it’s rather a good idea to know those things generally.

However, I’m talking about something a bit deeper than that. Something that will have a bigger impact...

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I Never Get Time For Me

business career mindset Jan 13, 2020

I often hear people say, “I never get time for me”. Do you hear that, or similar? Do you say it yourself sometimes?

Here in the UK (if you’re elsewhere, is it the same?) we are brought up with messages like “always look after others before yourself” and “don’t be so selfish, think about other people”. When those are the things you’ve been consistently hearing, it’s no wonder you’re running around looking after everyone else’s problems and never feeling like you have time for yourself.

People use phrases like “I’m frazzled”, “I haven’t got the capacity”, “I’m overloaded”. But they still carry on doing the same things. It never gets any better or easier. Well, I’m going to tell it to you straight: if you always do what you always did, you’ll keep on getting what you always got.

It's true! Somewhere deep inside you, you probably know it. But...

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What To Do If You Don’t Love Your Job

career mindset Jan 06, 2020

A very Happy New Year to you and welcome to my first blog, not just of the year, but of a whole new decade.

This is a great time to review how you feel about your working life. I know you can do it any time, but after a break is a good time to check in with yourself about what your feelings are about work.

Do it right now!

Think back to last night. What were your feelings knowing that you were going to work the next morning? Which of the following best describes how you felt?

  • Anxious
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Frustrated
  • Irritated
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Stressed
  • Uncertain

Think back over the last three or four months of 2019. On a scale of 0 to 10 (where 0 is never and 10 is every time), how often did you feel each of those on a Sunday night before going to work on a Monday? If you work a different pattern, think about the night before you went to work after a couple of days break.

Take a moment to review your responses. Were you mostly positive and looking forward to work? Or were you feeling a lot of...

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How to Hit GO for Success in 2020


We’re just a day ahead of the end of the year. Have you been following my blog through December to set yourself up for 2020 success?

It’s not too late if you haven’t, you can check back on them easily to get the most from what follows here.

Create the Steps to Success

Now you’ve set your goals for 2020, creating a map to help you get there will help you navigate the path to success.

Sit somewhere quietly with a pad and a pen, or your phone, computer, slate and chalk, or wherever you’re going to keep your goals. 

For each goal, imagine that you’re at the point of having achieved that goal (remember we did that in the previous blog?). Instead of looking forward though, look back to today.

  • What was the first thing that you did towards this goal?
  • What was the next thing?
  • …and so on
  • What were the major milestones along the way?
  • What did you do to celebrate those milestones?


Make sure nothing will stop you

Finally, before you hit...

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How to get crystal clear and motivated!


Have you been following my earlier blogs this month?

They’re all about working out your goals for 2020. If you haven’t seen them, you can check back on them in the below order so you get maximum value from this one:

What were you doing 10 years ago today?

WHO do you want to BECOME in 2020?

[Take Action] Getting Clarity on your 2020 Goals


So, once you’ve got your goals, you need to get really clear on them. Pick one that’s maybe your most important goal for 2020. What is the specific date on which you’ll have achieved this goal?

Use your imagination!

Imagine that it’s that date right now and you’ve achieved that goal. This step is really important in getting yourself motivated to achieve the goal, so give yourself time.

How does it feel? Are you proud of yourself?

What do you see in your life? As well as the things to do with the actual goal, do you see a smile on your face when you look in the mirror? How do you see other people...

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