How to write a CV that will get you interviews

Learn the 7 Step process for creating a market ready CV that will showcase the benefits you bring, help you stand out from the crowd, and give you the best chance of being invited for an interview.

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Could your CV be holding you back?

If your CV is not getting you interviews or you’re confused and frustrated by conflicting advice on how it should look, you know it’ll be a whole lot more stressful and time-consuming landing your next position.

Most people were never properly taught how to create a good CV and that there are different styles depending on the role you’re targeting. They haven’t been shown how to design and word their CV to give the reader compelling reasons to call them up for interview.

If you want to have a great CV that will maximise your chances of success, we have the solution for you in CREATE A CV THAT WORKS.

Imagine having a CV that you are proud of!

One that you look at and say to yourself “Wow! I’m good!”. Imagine being confident as you tweak it for a specific role that you want and submit your application. The smile on your face as you get a call inviting you to interview.

Your Instructor Dave Cordle

Since 2001 I have worked with thousands of people at all stages of their career, at all levels and across a wide range of industries, helping them all to get the jobs that they want.

I am an internationally accredited Career Management Fellow (CMF) through the Institute of Career Certification International, and a UK Registered Career Development Professional through The CDI (Career Development Institute) the UK’s official professional body for Career Professionals.

Crafting a good CV is a key element of landing a job you love and when used correctly with agencies and through your network increases the number of interviews that you’ll get.

My skill set is in helping you to sell yours. In this course I share all of that experience and expertise with you to help you CREATE A CV THAT WORKS.

7 straight-forward steps

In just 7 straight-forward steps, students learn about different styles of CV and to identify which style of CV is best for them. They get to know the information they need to put on it, and how to format it for maximum impact.

Step One  Welcome

- Walkthrough the course overview

- Learn about all the information you need to gather so that you are ready to create your CV

- Downloadable PDF example

Step 2  CV Style

- The different styles of CV

- Identifying which is best suited to you

- Downloadable PDF examples 


Step Three  Header Information

- Learn the key information you need to include

- The different ways you can present the information

- Downloadable PDF examples


Step Four  Craft Your Profile

- How to grab your reader's attention

- Providing incentive to continue reading

- How to demonstrate what you bring to the table

- Downloadable Profile Examples


Step Five  Contribution and Achievement Statements

- Creating a body of evidence

- Tailoring to entice your reader

- Downloadable PDF Examples


Step Six  Training and Qualifications

- What to include in terms of training, education and qualifications


Step Seven  Hobbies, Interests and Other Information

- Learn whether or not to include your hobbies on your CV


Additional Bonuses

How to Write A Great Cover Letter

Refining Your Language

Top Five Job Market Tips


  • Show you what information you need to put on your CV
  • Introduce you to different styles of CV and how to choose the one that is right for you right now
  • Show you how to lay out your CV and organise the information to make it easy for your reader to understand the benefits you bring (and therefore want to invite you to an interview)
  • Teach you how to word your CV so that it grabs your reader’s attention and give them compelling reason to ask you in for interview
  • Give you skills that don’t just help you now, but will give you knowledge that you can use to keep on creating great CVs in the future

Here’s what you’ll get with CREATE A CV THAT WORKS:

  • A simple straight-forward method for creating a winning CV
  • 7 short videos taking you step by step through the process where I share all of my experience of what makes a good CV
  • PDF downloads to accompany the videos, showing you example sections and full CVs so that you know exactly what you’re aiming for.

You can access all of this knowledge and expertise today for a one-time payment of £20

"Having not needed a CV for many years and wanting to change course, Dave helped me look at it in a different way. We pulled together skills from all areas of life and created a CV that landed my start on a new career path."

Margaret Smith

Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Each video is only a few minutes long and there are 7 in total. Where relevant, there are PDF downloads showing you examples of what the video is describing. To complete your CV from scratch will probably take you several hours and the videos and downloads will guide you on each step

You’ll have access for as long as I’m around and I intend to be around for a long time. I will give 6 months’ notice (disaster not withstanding) of any intention to close the site, so you’ll have plenty of time to download anything you need.

Yes, you’ll be able to see all the modules as soon as you sign up, so if there’s a specific part of the CV that you need information on immediately you can go straight there.

The course is delivered through a series of modules, each of which comprises short video and, where appropriate, downloads to show you examples of what you are aiming for. This includes examples of completed CVs in each different style.

Yes. Anyone who has this course and completed their CV can claim a 50% discount on one career coaching session to review that CV and receive coaching on their strategy to take it to the job market. The session will be conducted either by phone or on-line using Skype/Zoom or similar.

If you are not fully satisfied and you let me know within 30 days I’ll give you your money back.  


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