Three actions to help you create a success mindset

business career mindset Aug 26, 2019

As we come to the end of this four week mini-series reducing stress and increasing calm, our focus turns to gratitude.

The Gratitude Attitude

There’s a lot around about the power of gratitude. You may have come across it. It links to one of the key mindsets for success:

What you focus on consistently you tend to get more of in your life.

There’s no magic to this. Your unconscious mind filters information based on what you’ve told it is important to you. By focussing on what you want and like, your unconscious mind will filter so that you notice more of those things.

Gratitude helps you to make sure that you focus on the good things – from the big fabulous achievements, to the smaller things like that nice cup of tea you made this morning, the smile you exchanged with someone in the street, or that you just caught the train this morning.

I’ve got three actions for you below which will help you get into the habit really easily.


  1. Every morning when you wake up, think of three things or people you’re grateful for
  2. Set an intention to find enjoyment in everything you do during the day
  3. Every evening when you’re brushing your teeth, run through all the things you’re grateful for that happened that day. Do it like this “Today I’m grateful that I ____________. Today I’m grateful that I ____________. Etc”

Further Ideas:

A Gratitude Journal is a great idea: Buy an exercise book and write three things you’re grateful for in it every day. Notice the difference in how you feel and what turns up in your life.

Create a Gratitude Group. I go to one every month run by a great friend and fellow coach, Penny Beere. We spend a couple of hours talking everything gratitude, and reflecting on what we’re grateful for each month.

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