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business career cv Jan 20, 2020

Well, that’s a bit of a presumptuous and bold title, I guess. I mean, you could even say it’s a bit provocative. You might have looked at it and thought “bloomin’ cheek! We’ll see about that!”

But that’s the point of this whole article. If you have an intention, you’re more likely to achieve it. And it’s more than just goal setting, although it does link to one of my ten favourite mindsets: always know the outcome you want before you start anything, however big or small.

Now that could be a great big juicy goal, or it could be the meeting you’re about to go into or the call you’re about to make. You might be thinking of outcomes in terms of what you want to get from the meeting or goal in terms of results, and there’s no harm in that. In fact, it’s rather a good idea to know those things generally.

However, I’m talking about something a bit deeper than that. Something that will have a bigger impact on your results: setting your intentions for how you want to BE. When you do that, it acts as your compass and guide through everything you do during the day. Let me give you an example.

I was due to run a workshop for a client in Reading. I go by train and it takes a couple of hours, so I need to leave early. I got up and, as is my habit, wrote my intention for the day. This is what I wrote “today I intend to be relaxed all day, to stroll to the station and to inspire my workshop people”.

I had breakfast and checked the trains on my phone. Cancelled! I admit that normally I’d be a bit panicked, but I allow a bit of leeway and knew there was a later train that would still get me there on time, though with not as much set-up time as I’d ideally like. So, I got my stroll to the station for the later train. This one involved two changes. All going well until I’m waiting for the final train into Reading and the only thing that’s moving is it’s expected arrival time which is getting later and later.

The amazing thing is that I felt totally chilled about it. I was concocting back-up plans to call one of the delegates and get the workshop going by phone until I got there. As it happens, I got to the venue at exactly 9am, the moment when the workshop was due to start. I checked in at reception, turned to the various people waiting and announced “Who’s here for the careers workshop? If you’d like to come with me, we’ll get cracking”.

So, I set the workshop going and during the first activity got the projector and other tech stuff set up. We had a fabulous day and my delegates got a shed load of value, and enjoyed the day.

The lesson here is, that I had an intention of how I wanted to BE during the day and having that as my compass allowed me to navigate what could have been a totally stressful day with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Imagine what your days, weeks, months or years could be like if you actively choose. Deciding who you want to be and setting your intentions could really help you get there. To give you bigger and longer term example, when we had children, my wife and I decide that we would work the week so that I would get a day a week just with the children, and I had every Tuesday with my children as they grew. People would say to me that I was really lucky to have that day every week with my kids; I was, but guess what, it’s because we set the intention. You can choose to design your life, or you can fit yourself into everyone else’s designs and take what’s left. It’s up to you!

Action Time

So, here’s my invitation to you. Start every day by writing your intention for the day. I have a diary for the year and each day I’m writing my intention for the day when I get up, and then before I go to bed, I’m writing what I am grateful for and happy about from the day.

You have a go too, and notice the difference it makes. 2020 Diaries seem to be half price or better most places I look at the moment, so you could even buy that special diary to write your intentions and gratitudes in each day.

I’d love it if you would share your intentions and gratitudes on my Facebook page.

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