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The Power of Community

career networking Jul 08, 2019

How many communities are you part of?

There’s family, friends, work, local community, professional communities, online communities (LinkedIn, etc), your local area community, wider communities, communities to do with your interests, and so on.

How can communities impact on a career?

In terms of your career, communities can be a great space in which to develop your skills and share knowledge, and to plan and set up future career steps.

There’s a difference, though, to belonging to a community and participating in it.

Communities work best when you and other members participate in them.

In terms of your career, hopefully you are already present on LinkedIn (if you’re not, you are really are missing a trick).

  • You can create your own community of followers by posting your own professional tips and thoughts in updates and articles.
  • You can join communities on LinkedIn (groups) to do with your professional interests and within them, start your own discussion threads or respond to other people’s questions.

But, LinkedIn isn’t the only place for career communities.

What about professional bodies related to your profession?

Are there communities of interest within your organisation?

What about communities local to where you live?

These are just some ideas. Do take the time this week to see if you can find and contribute to your professional communities.

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Wishing you success and happiness at work.


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