[TOP TIPS] The 3 x 3 of Using Recruiters


If you are using recruiters as part of your job market strategy (and you probably should be), and you are finding it a frustrating process, here are some tips to help you.

First, understand the market from their point of view

  1. You are not the buyer, the organisation advertising the job is.

  2. For many recruiters it’s a numbers game: high pressure, high targets.

  3. There are lots of people who apply for jobs but aren’t actually that serious about going to the job market (time-wasters from a recruiters point of view)

Second, follow up your application with a phone call

  1. Try to get through to the person who is dealing with the role so you can ask whether they’ll be putting you forward for the job.

  2. Introduce yourself by name and mention that you think you’re a good match

  3. If they aren’t going to put you forward, politely seek feedback

Third, take 100% responsibility for the relationship

  1. Help the recruiter to help you by talking clearly and concisely about yourself, your career, and your achievements and experiences that qualify you as a good candidate

  2. Keep in touch with the recruiter regularly with polite professional communication

  3. Have a plan and a diary that tells you what and when the next step is with each application and who is supposed to take it. Then you’ll know when to follow up if you have to.

Bonus tip: remember that initially your CV may be searched by ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), so make sure that it includes all the words/phrases you are likely to be searched for with.

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