The Me We Reflection

mindset Apr 22, 2019

I saw a great picture on Instagram the other week. You may have caught my short video on Linked about it.

If you take the word ME and draw the reflected image of it underneath you get WE. And that got me thinking about how what we do individually is really important; your skills, qualities, achievements, contributions and impact. After all, that’s why people employ you or, if you’re running a business, buy from you.

But, what this image got me reflecting on is that for any one of us to be successful there needs to be an element of WE involved. Look a the great genius’s and inventors throughout history. Look at the top sports people, business leaders, pop stars and so on. Every one of them has a team around them who have coached, helped, pushed, challenged, supported them to be who they are.

So take a moment to think about who all the WE’s are in your life. Who are the members of your team who support you; colleagues, staff, people in other departments, suppliers, customers, and remember someone cleans the office, serves you food, prints your stationery. And what about the people outside of work; your partner, kids, friends, whoever serves you coffee, cuts your hair. They all in some way contribute to our wellbeing and ability to do our jobs.

Now you’ve taken a moment to recognise all those people, make a point of saying Thank You to them and being grateful for all of those wonderful people in your life.

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