How To Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals (Part 2)


If you've been following my blogs over the last few weeks you'll be fired up and ready to get out there and start achieving your goals. 

If you want to remind yourself, start with this one which will get you going on the basics and then find out how to get motivated here

Look forward and back

For this part, imagine again that it is the day that you have achieved your goal. Imagine how you are feeling and what you are seeing and hearing as a result of having achieved the goal. 

Briefly, look forward into the future and think about what you can now go on and achieve as a result of having reached this goal. 

Then look back at today. 

  • What was the very first thing you did? The first small step on this particular goal journey? 
  • What other steps and milestones were there along the way?

First action

Now, bring yourself back to today. Commit to taking that first action before you go to bed this evening. However big or small that action is, you will have started the journey. 

Keeping going

Don't be like the majority of people and put your goal in a drawer (real or metaphorical) to gather dust. 

Review it regularly (every day for shorter term goals, at least weekly for the big long term ones). 

Each time you review it, commit to one specific action that will take you another step or two towards your goal. Take that action on that very same day.

Keep your goals in a special place, whether it be a ring binder, goals book or file on your computer; somewhere they are accessible and you can see them every day. Some people like to create visuals that represent their goals and put them on the wall. Others find a goal buddy: someone you can be accountable to for taking action.

Good wishes with your goals for the next year.

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