Three Language Tips To Get You More Interviews And Offers


Language is SO important when you go to the job market. It can affect how you feel, how people perceive you and, ultimately, how many interviews and job offers you get, or even how well you do in performance appraisals (especially 2 and 3 below)

Here are three key things that will make a difference. 

1. I was made redundant

No you weren't. Your job was. If you've done your skills and qualities analysis you'll see that you've got loads of them and most are transferable. So get used to saying "my job was made redundant". It affects how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.

2. Ability to

This is particularly weak on your CV or in your LinkedIn profile because it only says that you can, not that you do

It's to do with the fact that our unconscious minds process information very literally.

So if you say that you have the ability to do something it doesn't have the same impact as if you say you did it. Compare the following: 

  • Ability to manage teams of up to 6 people …
  • Managed and motivated teams of up to 6 people …

3. Responsible for

This is a bit similar in that when you say you are "responsible for" something it doesn't actually say what you did. 

So check.

Were you truly only responsible for it, or did you actually do it.

If you did it, make it clear that you did it.

So, if you mind your language, it will help you immensely as you go to the job market.

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