The impact you make

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2021

How often do you stop and think about the difference you really make?

Its a good exercise to do for a number of reasons. Here are some of them

  • reminds you how good you are
  • builds or re-builds your confidence
  • ensures you get the best outcome at your next performance appraisal
  • helps you build CVs that get you interviews
  • gives compelling reasons to an interviewer why they might want to make you a job offer.

I'm going to build on the example in the video and introduce a few others. Take a look and then think about the impact you have. 

The Teacher

When a student knows their times tables, it allows them to do simple maths more easily in their head, not just at school and in exams, but throughout their life, whether it's adding up the cost of items in a shop, playing darts, or as part of their job.

A student learning history, learns things that help them make good decisions and judgements, but also great research skills, how to distinguish fake information, how to summarise and articulate information in different formats. That is, of course useful in all sorts of situations throughout their life. For example, when I asked an accountant what he looked for in young people he employs, he said he'd rather have someone with a history degree because they have those skills and as long as they demonstrate some maths ability he can teach them the accounting stuff. 

The Nurse

You could say that a nurse just helps people get better. It's true, but only part of the picture. The way that they interact with patients helps them recover better or self-manage a condition they have to live with. Sometimes the ripples of this will be that the patient is able to carry on earning a living or engaging in a particular hobby. 

And sometimes it helps their families cope with traumatic situations more easily so they can still contribute in other areas of their life without it becoming overwhelming. 

The Career Coach

I can't let this pass without acknowledging the impact my fellow Career Coaches have. If they work with someone and show them  the skills and strategies that to get jobs they love that support a lifestyle they want, the impact is huge. That person doesn't experience the "Sunday night blues", they enjoy going to work, they experience less stress (they are mentally and often physically healthier). Their organisation benefits because that person is likely to perform better, give more and be easier to manage. Their family, friends and community benefit because that person is fully present rather than having half a mind on work. And ultimately services like the NHS benefit because that person doesn't need so many of their resources.


So what impact do you have, and where do the ripples take you? 


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