Its find your ideal job month

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2021

The focus here at The Career Base Camp and across my coaching practice this month is about finding an ideal role. 

Knowing your ideal role might prompt you to make your current role even better, go for a new internal position or career path, progress to the next level, or make a wholesale career change. 

But, could you describe right now what your ideal role looks like, feels like, sounds like? Could you articulate the skills and qualities you would be using in that role, or what that role needs to do for you? Chances are you couldn't but if you follow these blogs and take part in the LIVE 5 day challenge in the first week of November you will be able to. By the way, the challenge only requires you to commit to 20 minutes a day (at a time to suit you). Surely you're worth 20 minutes a day for 5 days!

Two of the key elements of that ideal role are knowing your skills/qualities (and which you like to use) and what your work values are. One thing you could do right now that will help you make the most of the challenge are to make two lists. 

  1. Your skills and qualities
  2. All the things that are important to you about work

I'll be posting details of the challenge in up-coming posts and on social media. For now, just put 5 x to minute slots in your diary, one each day from Monday to Friday starting Monday 1st November. 

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