Is Good Enough really Good Enough

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2021


There are times when Good Enough really is Good Enough. 

 For example, when you’re drafting your CV, or a cover letter. Naturally, you want those things to be as good as possible, but if you don’t get your CV out there its 100% certain that, even if its brilliant, it has zero possibility of getting you an interview. 

 So, in that case Good Enough is Good Enough.  I often work with people in that “I’ll just take one more look” loop and I have to tell them to just get their CV out there. 


But, sometimes Good Enough is Not Good Enough!

 For example, 

  • When your Sunday night is spent dreading Monday morning
  • When you can’t wait for Friday night because work is so dull
  • When you feel stressed and anxious about work, even when you’re supposed to be having fun with your friends and family

 If the pandemic has taught us one thing, its that life is too short to stay in jobs that we don’t enjoy or that stress us out. You may know people in that situation. Maybe you?

 My 6th Mindset for Career Success is “I notice what I am getting and if it isn’t what I want, I do something different”. The 10th is “Take Action!

 The point is that staying unhappy is a choice, and so is taking action. The bottom line is that if you don’t like what you’re getting, then doing anything different is worthwhile because when you change what you’re doing you’ll get a different result. So here are three simple steps to enjoy work more.

  1. Ask a good question. A really good one here is “What would I rather have?”
  2. Come up with at least three answers to that question (then you’ve got options)
  3. Pick one and do it

 The trick then is to notice the results you get. How has it made things better? Is there still more to do (in which case repeat the three steps)?

 By consistently taking steps to make your work more enjoyable, you’ll do just that. It's like climbing a mountain. Even if each step is small, very soon you’ll look round and say “Wow! I’ve really come a long way”.

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