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Meet Dave Cordle

An Internationally and UK accredited Career Development Professional, Dave's mission is to get the skills and confidence to define and create success (in careers and beyond) into the hands of as many people as possible.


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Young People

Create your own success as you move through higher education and on into a career or business of your choice. It can be an exciting time.



Discover the skills you need to successfully manage your career - whether you're in a job or going to the job market.


In Your Organisation

Give your staff skills that will encourage them to self-manage, feel more engaged and motivated to work in your business.


"I have used Dave as a Coach for two years and have had tremendous insight, support and encouragement from him throughout that time. Dave is very easy to engage and connect with which was incredibly important to me and has a way about him that ensure he steers you towards the goals you have set without telling or being over- bearing in his approach. Dave is very honest and uses a nice mix of mentoring and coaching, knowing when to move between the two. I highly recommend Dave as I have found the clarity I was seeking with regard to my own future and ways of working, which I don't feel I would have achieved on my own."

Jon Forde

"Undertaking the career development program with Dave has helped me form my career direction, identify strengths and opportunities. Build confidence and better understanding of my skills and achievements. All greatly helping to outline a career path and importantly giving practical help on the critical career development tools, WHO stories, CV, Networking, Interview preparation and much more. I thoroughly recommend the program to anyone who cares about the development of their career. Thanks Dave and best wishes!"

Evan Parry

"I consulted Dave six years ago. To this day I still refer to our notes and the approaches Dave coached me through. This has been instrumental to my progression and securing a career in a sector I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you Dave!"

Joseph Regan

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