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At any point in your career the thought of changing job or career through choice or due to redundancy can feel overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to start. Advice can come from many people and many sources and can often be confusing and contradictory making the whole process feel even more daunting.

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Time to Change offers you a structured programme personalised to you with one to one guidance to set you on your way to making that change.

Time to Change gives you practical skills which ensure that you can successfully change career or job.

Not only will you have all the tools/strategies we work on to use for yourself now but they’ll be useful for the rest of your career

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Summary of the key benefits

  • Clearly understand what the next career step is for you
  • Confidence, skills and strategies to make a successful move to your next career step
  • Use what you learn for the rest of your career to continue to create work you love that rewards you in the way you want.


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Programme at a Glance

  • Profile transferrable skills, qualities and contributions
  • Profile what an ideal job needs to do for you
  • Create a CV that works for you and learn how to adapt it in the future
  • Successfully use all the routes to the job market (recruiters, network, speculative approach)
  • At interview, feel confident and sell yourself powerfully without feeling like you’re selling
  • Know how to plan for success in your new job

Detailed Programme Breakdown

A time of career transition, whether chosen by you or forced by redundancy can turn into the best at thing that ever happened to you. I’ll show you how to:

* Identify and consider different career options and decide which you want to follow

* Consider your career in the context of your whole life so that the decision you finally make is right for you

* Be confident that the decision you make is the right one for you right now

Understanding your contributions (skills, qualities, achievements) is the first step in going to the job market. You’ll:

* Understand clearly what those contributions are (almost certainly more than you currently realise)

* Know exactly what your transferrable skills and qualities are, and which you want to use

* Have a framework to articulate them clearly on your CV and in interviews

Whether you’re looking for something similar or a complete career change, it’s important to know what your options and best next career steps are. You’ll:

* Create a clear profile of what makes an ideal job for you

* Consider different options and opportunities

* Learn how to use your network to explore those options

The difficulty with a CV is that everyone you show it to seems to have an opinion, and it’s often the opposite of what the last person said to you. I’ll show you

* Different styles of CV and which will work best for you now

* How to use the language on your CV to create powerful messages that increase your chances of being invited for interview

There’s so much more to applying for a job than answering adverts on-line. Sure, that’s part of it but there’s so much more you can do to increase your success rate: you’ll:

* Know how to get noticed by recruiters

* Learn strategies to build and use your on-line and off-line network to access the hidden job market and manage your career successfully in the future

* Discover how to draft good cover and speculative approach letters and plan for the conversations that will help you land the interviews you want

This is probably the part of the whole getting-a-new-job process that people fear, but you don’t need to. I’ll show you

* How to answer common interview questions and talk confidently and powerfully about yourself, giving compelling reasons why you should be offered the job

* What questions to ask and how to ask them so that they sell you as well

* How to present yourself and how to deal with different interview scenarios

Once you’ve landed a new role, you’ll want to make a plan so that you set off on the right foot and make sure that this next step works for you. I’ll help you

* Set your stall out at your new company

* Plan for success in your new role

* Make sure that your new job continues to be fulfilling

Programme Facilitator - Dave Cordle

Dave has helped thousands of people, across a broad range of industries and at all levels, to get jobs they love that support the lifestyle they have chosen.

He is a UK Registered Career Development Professional and accredited as Career Management Fellow with the Institute of Career Certification International.

Dave’s earlier professional background was as a cartographer, mainly mapping Africa, and then as a computer systems developer doing business analysis, project leading, coding and supporting MI systems.

He has worked with young people for many years including, teaching swimming, leading scout and venture scout groups and being a school governor. He has also undertaken expeditions in the Arctic, Antarctic, Himalayas, Andes, and other regions.

How it works

Your programme will typically last six weeks and will involve us meeting face-to-face and/or virtually. You should allow a total of around 5-6 hours of meeting time for this programme. You will also need to allow time outside to work on your career transition, putting into practice the skills you learn.

Summary and next steps

Time to Change will give you all of the skills that you need to successfully take your next career step, and because I work with you and show you how, you’ll have skills that will benefit you again and again and again.


This programme is an investment of your time and money. The reward and return on the investment is a next career step that you’ve chosen and the skills to keep choosing what’s right for you.

FREE 20 minute Discovery Session

The first step is a free 20 minute Career Discovery Session by telephone/Skype. This will allow us to ensure that we’re a good match to work together and that this is the right programme for you right now.


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