Career Coaching for your Organisation

Are you looking to raise performance and productivity?

Dave Cordle Coaching can help you raise the motivation of the workforce and quality of line management.

Your workforce is crucial to your organisational performance.

Staff engagement and motivation is key to productivity.

Career development, training and progression opportunities are integral to engagement and motivation.

And yet…many organisations face high staff turnover, periods of low morale and productivity and difficulties recognising, nurturing and rewarding internal talent.

In terms of succession and workforce planning, employees being equipped with the confidence, skills and ambition to perform well in their job and in internal promotion application processes is a win win. It’s a more cost-effective way to recruit and manage staff. It sends out the right message to the staff and it’s giving talented, committed employees the opportunity to shine and add value to your business.

But many companies struggle with the internal resources to support staff in their careers. Giving employees the skills to manage their careers effectively makes them easier to manage and happier and more confident in their work, resulting in greater productivity and less stress.

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Investing in Career Development for your organisation

As an external Career Development specialist, I can bring outside experience; a fresh perspective and an objective ear to coaching sessions and workshops. 

✓ One to one career consultancy and support 

✓ Coaching for internal application and interview

✓ Group career coaching workshops and masterclasses

✓ Confidence coaching and workshops 

✓ Management training

✓ Personal development

✓ Networking for your career

✓ Mindsets and attitudes for career success

✓ Personal professional goal setting

✓ Outplacement / Career Transition

How will your organisation benefit from Career Development and Consultancy?


Raise skillset of staff and managers


Help employees understand their contributions, transferable skills and strengths


Help employees perform better in internal application processes


Networking training that will benefit the company at large


Improving Mindsets & Attitudes in how employees perform at work, reducing stress and increasing resilience and wellbeing


Improved morale through proven commitment to internal career development


Ensuring your employees become ambassadors for your organisation; enhancing your organisation and employer brand


Empowering those who are underperforming or who are deeply unhappy to consider their options

Micro Workshops

Micro Workshops are designed as short workshop sessions (up to an hour each) to address specific topics and give delegates tools they can take away and use immediately to benefit themselves and their company.

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Unsure if Career Coaching will benefit your organisation?

If you’d find out more about how I can support your organisation through Career Consultancy, contact me for a no obligation chat.


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