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A programme to engage young people with the skills and strategies that will help them create more success (and less stress) now, in their future studies and learning, and most importantly, in their career / business and adult life.

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Everybody has that sparkle inside them, that thing or those things that make them special: the unique way that they contribute to the world.

The purpose of Discover the Diamond is to create fun and activity based sessions which give young people the skills and confidence to define and create success as they want it, whilst taking responsibility for their outcomes.

The skills to uncover their own unique diamond.

How it will make a difference to your child

In short, because these are the skills that their future employers will look for beyond any qualifications and because they are useful in all areas of their life. Now and in the future, more than ever before, this will help them confidently navigate a world where they are likely to have several different careers and many of the jobs they will do haven’t even been thought of yet.

As a highly experienced Career Development Professional I have worked with people at all stages of their career, at all levels (quite literally from shop floor to board room), and across a wide range of industries. The most common thing I’ve heard over those years is “I wish I’d know this when I left school”.

What are they talking about? Not just how to create CVs and interview effectively, but all the skills that would have helped them do better while they were in education and be more fulfilled and successful (and less stressed) in their career and adult life beyond.

What are young people saying about Discover the Diamond?

Here are just some of the quotes from young people who’ve taken part so far:


New skills they’ve gained

✓ I’ve learnt how to prioritise what I want when making a decision. I learnt to look at where I want to be in the future

✓ I have learnt how to express my feelings, qualities and skills. I have learned what to do during interviews

✓ I learnt that we all have good qualities and skills. We should embrace them

✓ I learnt that achieving your goals is easier than you think and that breaking down why you want something is helpful

✓ I learnt that it is not bad or wrong to say what you are good at


..and what they enjoyed!

✓ I liked working in groups. Having discussions then sharing them, and the game where we say what is good about us

✓ I enjoyed visualising the steps I’m going to take to become better and to achieve my goals, such as becoming better at French

✓ I liked how we didn’t have to just sit around writing. We got to move around and talk to others

What will they learn and discover?

Participants will gain skills which will increase their confidence and ability to create success in all the things that they do:

  • Resilience and wellbeing: understanding and managing stress and their emotions
  • Appreciating the skills and qualities they have and how they make a difference
  • Articulating these in conversation (e.g. interviews) and on CVs
  • Self-motivation and achieving goals
  • Knowing what’s important to them and making decisions


These are the skills that organisations and businesses are actually looking for and which will help young people to stand out from the crowd.

Workshop Facilitator - Dave Cordle

Dave’s passion and mission is to get the skills that have helped so many adults create successful careers and lives into the hands of young people.

He has helped thousands of people, across a broad range of industries and at all levels, to get jobs they love that support the lifestyle they have chosen.

He has worked with young people for many years, teaching swimming, leading scout and venture scout groups, being a school governor and taking young people into the mountains.

He has undertaken expeditions in the Arctic, Antarctic, Himalayas, Andes, and other regions.

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