Career Coaching for Professionals

Do you have career aspirations but lack the route to get there?

Dave Cordle Coaching can help you discover a world of opportunities.
The world is your oyster.

It really is. But you may have hopes, dreams and aspirations beyond where you are now, or feel stuck in a career rut. 

When you’re in a job; it’s very hard to see a way out of it. But many people do make progressions and transitions from employee to entrepreneur, from manager to director, from unhappy and unfulfilled to happy and fulfilled. This may involve a radical career change. A sideways step. Or a promotion. But you have every right to aspire to feel happy going to work, every day.

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The question is how can you achieve this?

Through knowing where to look.

Researching what’s out there in the job market that suits your skills, experience, lifestyle and priorities is a skill. People who are highly successful in their careers are aware of the resources available and know how to capitalise on their networks in pursuit of achieving their career goals. 

Through honesty and understanding.

Understanding your own abilities, strengths, transferable skills, personal traits and taking an honest look at your personal and professional goals. What do you find rewarding? What is most important to you in life and how does your career fit in?


Through skills.

The skills to put together a finely tuned, powerful, persuasive knock-out CV and application that will get you in the door. The ability to prepare, communicate and perform successfully in an interview. Knowing how to manage your career effectively when you’re in a role.


Through confidence.

The process of understanding yourself and what you can bring to the world. Because if you don’t believe it, it will be hard to sell it to others.

I’ll let you into a secret. Through all the years I have been helping professionals develop or change their careers, what’s the single most common piece of feedback I receive?

 ‘I wish I’d known this when I was younger’.


Through thinking differently.

I’ve noticed biggest factor in career success and fulfilment, whatever your role, profession, industry or level, is your mindset and attitude. What do you want to think about your work?

Changing the way you think about work, and your life, can be transformational. Because if you think differently and ask yourself good questions you can gain more enjoyment and start to create the success you want.


Through professional Career Coaching

That’s why I have developed programmes specifically around helping professionals self-explore, gain confidence and learn strategies to make important decisions around their career and then perform well in the application process.

✓ One to one career consultancy and support

✓ CV and application writing/support

✓ Interview coaching

✓ Group career coaching workshops

✓ Confidence coaching and workshops 

✓ Personal development

✓ Networking for your career

✓ Webinars and masterclasses

Ten ways you will benefit from Career Consultancy


Thorough process resulting in defining your ideal role


Understanding and articulating your contributions, transferable skills and strengths


Creating a powerful CV for the role you want


Developing the research skills to find the roles that are right for you


Using recruiters and your network and expanding your network to land interviews


Accessing the hidden job market


Interviewing confidently, competently and comfortably


Improving Mindsets & Attitudes for Career Success


Effective personal professional goal setting with a clear plan


Learn how to link personal to professional goals leading to improved self-motivation and well-being

Time to Change Program

Time to Change offers you a structured programme personalised to you with one to one guidance to set you on your way to making that change.

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Unsure if Professional Coaching is suited to you?

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