Retirement is just the start

Are you at a stage of your career where you are thinking about cutting back, either fully or partially retiring?

Dave Cordle Coaching can help explore all the areas that will ensure that your retirement is a time of joy and fulfilment.

A lot of retired people I know seem to say “I don’t know where I found the time to work”. Maybe you’ve met people like this too.

They are leading enjoyable, fulfilling and happy lives: some travel; some study; some volunteer; some take up new sports and activities; some join clubs; some choose paid work; some ....well you get the idea, and most do a combination of different things.

The thing is that people who take some time to think about what’s important to them and take steps to make it happen find that retirement is a wonderful next phase of their life. Those who don’t sometimes end up finding this next phase stressful and unrewarding.

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How will career coaching help you to plan for an enjoyable and successful retirement?

  • What does an ideal retirement look like for you? We’ll unpick what that is and how to set yourself up to achieve it.
  • How will you spend your time? Hobbies, volunteering, studying, catching up with friends, playing sport, learning something new, travelling, etc.
  • If you need a CV (even voluntary positions often require one), what will that look like
  • We’ll look at the basics of finding a position (paid or otherwise), including using your network and interviewing confidently and comfortably.
  • If you have a partner / family have you discussed this with them? How do all your plans slot together?
  • How will you finance your lifestyle? Do you have a pension and/or need to get an income from somewhere (a job or self-employed)? What happens when you need a new car or kitchen?
  • What will you do to maintain your health? Regular walks or perhaps swimming or a sport? Will you do yoga, or join some other class? What will you do?

"I have learned to create ‘story boards’ to focus on long term goals and achievements to ensure that semi retirement is fulfilling and to grasp opportunities. Dave was very helpful, friendly and professional, offering good advice to help achieve my goals for the future"

Jackie Hawkett

Unsure if coaching is the right direction for you?

If you’d find out more about how I can support your plans for a joyful and happy retirement, for a no obligation chat contact me today


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