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Personal Professional Development for Individuals

Individual Coaching

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“I wish I’d know this stuff before / when I was younger” – almost everyone I work with says that or something similar at some point. The skills to define and create success in your working life are not complicated. It’s just that nobody gets told about it: they aren’t and never have been fully taught in our education system or at work.

Benefits of you Owning Your Career

  • Know what a perfect job looks like for you
  • Know how to define and research career options
  • Clarity on what your transferrable skills and qualities are (almost certainly more than you think!)
  • Cope with redundancy and job / career change with ease
    • Create powerful CVs that actually get noticed: know different styles, when and where to use them and how to adapt them for specific opportunities
    • Know how to take your CV to the job market: get noticed by agencies, make effective speculative approaches and find the jobs that haven’t been advertised (around 40% of the UK job market)
    • Interview effectively and comfortably and confidently
  • Networking skills for career progression
  • Operate from the mindsets and attitudes for career success
  • Set career goals that support the lifestyle you choose



Today, more than ever, it is important for each of us to have the skills to manage our own career / business and create the success we want in our work. These skills will be even more vital in the future as the way we work changes and your personal success is increasingly down to you. It’s all about doing going to work with a smile on your face and being more successful. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for help in any of these areas:

Profile your ideal role


Key skills for career success


Personal career development coaching

  • Define your transferrable skills
  • Create CVs that actually work
  • Get noticed in the job market –  advertised and unadvertised roles
  • Interview competently, confidently and comfortably


  • Get a new job
  • Change career
  • Start your career
  • Networking to develop your career


  • Executive coaching
  • Communication skills
  • Moving to self-employment
  • Planning for a fulfilling retirement


Own Your Career Programme

Own Your Career covers all the skills you need to successfully manage your career, both when you’re in a job and when you’re going to the job market, whether through choice or redundancy.

This programme teaches you skills that will be of benefit immediately and that will continue to serve you for the rest of your life, ensuring that you make good career decisions and get jobs that you love and that help you create the lifestyle you want.

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Career MOT

We all go to the dentist and get our cars and boilers serviced regularly. But what about your Career? The thing that provides the lifestyle you want?

Career MOT provides a health-check on your career so that you can clearly understand what’s going well, what isn’t, and where you can make it even better. You’ll get clarity on where you’re at, and an action plan to start moving you to where you do want to be

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Personal Professional Development

If you are serious about success, then regular mentoring/coaching on your career is something to really consider.

Whatever you do for work it will keep you on track, increase fulfilment and reduce stress, and ensure that you keep achieving your goals inside and outside of work. It’s personal to you and gives you the skills and strategies to excel in your role.

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Executive Personal Professional Development

As you become more senior, having a Career Professional who is independent, impartial, and in your corner is increasingly important to ensure that you thrive with the increased demands of leadership.

This service provides you with someone to confide in, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to help you develop the personal skills and strategies to excel as a leader in your organisation.

If you want your own Personal Professional Development partner (often called executive coach), contact me to discuss what you’re looking to achieve and so that we can decide if I’m the right person for you to work with and vice-versa.

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Start Your Business

This programme is for you if you’re thinking of stepping out of an employed role and starting your own business or moving into a consulting type of role where you will be self-employed.

Like you, most people in this situation are very good at what they do, but currently lack the skills to run a successful business. Start Your Business teaches you the practical skills that you need to start and run your own business, ensuring that you give yourself the best chance of success.

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Retirement Is Just The Start

Retirement is not what it used to be. For most people it is another major life phase lasting 20 or 30 years, or even longer. People who plan well for their retirement tend to live long, fulfilling and happy lives. They’re the people who you hear saying “I don’t know how I ever had time to go to work”

This programme helps you look at all of the key areas that will ensure you have a fulfilling and happy retirement.

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