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Would you, your clients, students or loved ones benefit from better understanding their emotions and reactions? 

Navigate is a fun set of cards and an ideal tool for teachers, coaches and other professionals to help their students and clients navigate emotions and reactions more effectively.


Navigate can be used with individuals and groups to help them:

  • Understand their emotions

  • Explore their responses

  • Gain new insights

  • Identify options and strategies to produce a more desirable outcome

  • Understand each other better



Explore specific situations for yourself, support others in 1-1 or in groups and help people understand each other better. Suitable for age 14 upwards

Our brains love patterns as they enable us to conserve mental energy and process an enormous amount of information from moment to moment.

However, these patterns are not always appropriate for the current situation.

Becoming more aware of our patterns enables us to be more intentional in the moment so that we can drive better outcomes for us, and indeed everyone involved.

This card game provides a simple, yet effective, and non-judgmental way to explore and experiment with emotions and reactions. It can be used personally, in one to one sessions as well as in groups and is great tool for team-building workshops.

The cards can be used in a variety of ways (instructions included) to understand typical emotional responses, reactions and the impact of those reactions before exploring new responses that would be more appropriate and effective in achieving the desired results.

Game play in a nutshell

Whether working with real-life situations or using the Navigate scenarios as a metaphor, players use reaction and emotion cards to identify the emotional response to that situation.

Through discussion and experimentation they can then explore the effect of those reactions and responses before using new emotion cards to select their desired response.

Shift cards then prompt them to identify and explore new strategies that can produce those more desirable outcomes.


Navigate origins

Navigate was created by the Journey To Success team which includes Emotional Intelligence, Career and Gamification specialists who collaborate to bring life skills to young people.

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