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“At the start I just thought I wanted a job. Now I’m choosing one I really want”  PR, May 2019

Learn how to truly Own Your Career as I share some of my top career coaching tools and strategies which will help you create more success and happiness at work. These are the same tools that have helped thousands of people at all levels across a vast range of industries


Step One: Success on your terms

You’ll do what most people never get round to: stopping and thinking about what success really means to you. We’ll check in with where you are now in terms of Owning Your Career.

Step Two: What do you believe is possible?

Before we get into the more practical elements, we’ll explore whether you have any thoughts or beliefs that are stopping you being the best you that you can be.

Step Three: Knowing how good you really are

We dive into the first element of my W-H-O Model*, showing you how to get clear on all of the skills and qualities you have (almost certainly more than you realise), and understand the impact that you have.

Step Four: What’s your ideal job

Using another facet of the W-H-O Model* you’ll get really clear on what an ideal job needs to do for you. That could help you tweak things in your current role to make it more enjoyable.

Step Five: The value of the network

Learn how your network can make a huge difference in your career, both in your current role and if you need to go to the job market.

Step Six: Coach yourself to success

Here, I’ll introduce you to a well-known coaching model, the GROW model. It will help you identify what you need do to get from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Step Seven: The art of taking consistent action

The only sure way of climbing a mountain is to keep taking the next step. You’ll learn how to make sure that you keep on moving towards your ideal job or career.

Step Eight: Securing your ongoing success

Having put in a lot of work, this step will make sure that you know what you need to keep doing so that you remain in control of your career and give yourself the opportunity to create it as you want it.

Step Nine: Playing it forward

Five quick actions to round off your course, recognise the journey and progress you’ve made, and think about next steps.

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Do any of these apply to you?

  • I’ve never stopped to think whether I really, actually, enjoy my job.

  • I want to do something different, but I don’t know how, or even if it’s possible.

  • I want to make my career even better, but I don’t know where to start

  • I hate my job!

  • I don’t look forward to work, or even, I dread going to work


Most of us fall into our first career, and then just kind of follow the flow of where our career take us. We never stop to think “what would I really love to do?” and “how could I make that happen?”. Even if we did, we’ve never been taught the skills to really manage our career. The education system wasn’t (and still isn’t) geared up to that, and organisations don’t invest in developing these skills in their staff.  

Imagine feeling in control of your career..


Knowing what’s possible and that you have strategies to go and make that happen. Imagine waking up and looking forward to going to work with a smile on your face to do a job you love.

By taking this course, you’ll be helping me too: my mission is to create a world where everyone has the skills and confidence to define and create success for themselves, in their career and beyond. That’s why I’ve included some of my most powerful career tools, designed it to give you as much value as possible now, and in the future.

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