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Micro Workshops

Staff Micro Workshops

What next?

Micro Workshops help businesses become more productive and profitable as individuals take responsibility for their careers and learn how to use their skills more effectively. Everybody wins because when everyone performs a little better, they and their organisations become more successful.

To discuss your requirements without obligation:

Micro Workshops are designed as short workshop sessions (up to an hour each) to address specific topics and give delegates tools they can take away and use immediately to benefit themselves and their company.

They are ideal for running as lunchtime sessions, after a team meeting, as part of an education course or network event. They are flexible and can be joined together to make longer training courses. If there are topics you are interested in that are not specifically listed, please do call to discuss your requirements.


  • Goal Setting
  • Stand Up with Confidence
  • Get Inside Your Audience’s Head / Resolving conflict
  • Mindsets for Success
  • Making Your Network Work
  • An Ideal Role
  • Transferrable Skills
  • Getting the Important Things Done
  • Managing Stress at Work
  • CVs for Success
  • Key Interview Skills




What are the BENEFITS and what TOPICS are covered?

Goal Setting

Delegates learn a powerful strategy for setting goals, getting motivated and then achieving the results they want. They learn how linking personal goals to business/career goals, creates greater satisfaction, increasing motivation and helps them achieve more for the business and personally.

Stand Up with Confidence

Delegates learn one or two simple techniques (depending on time) that they can use to feel confident in any situation. Especially useful in situations such as presentations, meetings with clients & prospects, contributing more fully in meetings, etc.

Get Inside Your Audience’s Head / Resolving conflict

Delegates learn a method for understanding their audience’s perspective. Whether it’s an interview, a sales presentation or a client meeting this will help them to plan and deliver better presentations in one-to-one or group situations and achieve the best outcomes.

Mindsets for Success

A look at the mindsets and attitudes that create success. By adopting the mindsets they learn, delegates will make a huge difference to the success they experience at work and elsewhere in their lives. They will feel more positive, motivated and in control of their outcomes, and become more productive.

Making Your Network Work

Networking a key skill in today’s world of work, for owners, managers and their staff. Delegates will learn skills that will help them to network more effectively and more comfortably. They will understand how they can use their network to help them achieve results for themselves and their organisation.

An Ideal Role

Delegates will learn how to define what an ideal role looks like for them. This tool and resulting information that will allow them to take more responsibility for their happiness and effectiveness in their job. This technique can also very useful for managers in motivating their staff more powerfully.

Transferrable Skills

Most people take most of their skills for granted. In this workshop, delegates learn a practical method for identifying all of their transferrable skills and qualities, and a framework for articulating them in a way that clearly demonstrates the benefits.

Getting the Important Things Done

Delegates will learn practical tips for working out what actually needs to be done, and then structuring their time to make it happen. This includes a specific structure for getting more done in a shorter time.

Managing Stress at Work

Delegates learn some simple techniques for managing stress at work: practical strategies and simple techniques that can be used daily to reduce stress and increase productivity.

CVs for Success

Knowing how to produce CVs doesn’t necessarily mean that your staff are going to move on! In reality they feel in more control and tend to stay longer. Delegates learn what styles of CV are working right now and how to develop different styles of CV for different situations.

Key Interview Skills

As interviewee, how do you interview comfortably as well as effectively? In this workshop delegates get top tips on answering common interview questions, how to present themselves and tackling interview nerves. This workshop links well with the Transferrable Skills and Stand Up With Confidence sessions.