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Staff Development

“As we grow my company, we will have no hesitation in using Dave’s unique skills to motivate our team. Motivating people is difficult at the best of times, Dave does this with ease!”

Marina Gavin. Owner, RAM Security

What next?

To discuss the best options for your business and staff:

Ask yourself this: would you like your staff to be more productive, happier in their work and talking outside of work about how they love working for you?

If the answer is “Yes” they you’re in the right place.

By investing in your staff so that they gain skills and strategies to not only be more productive in work, but be more successful outside of work, you make your job as a leader easier, and create a workforce that buys into the success of your business.

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Benefits to your business:

  • Increased staff motivation and productivity
  • Better teamwork and collaboration in the business and outside
  • Staff communicate better internally and with customers / clients
  • Staff become ambassadors: staff sing the praises of your business
  • Productivity increases
  • Profitability goes up
  • Less absence
  • Become and employer of choice
  • Staff take ownership of their careers and development

Benefits to your staff:

  • Increased motivation and fulfilment
  • Simple strategies to be more successful at work
  • Strategies that will help them be more successful and fulfilled outside of work
  • Less stress
  • Increased enjoyment from their work
  • Skills to manage their own career and feel in control of their destiny

It’s not just technology that’s changing! The way we work and interact with our staff, peers, customers and suppliers is changing. The relationship between employer and employee is becoming more collaborative and businesses which recognise this will perform better.

Why? Because when employers show that they mean business when they say “our people are our biggest asset”, they will get better engagement and performance from their staff and better results in the business.

All of these staff development programmes are designed so that you can really demonstrate to your staff that you care about their personal development. Personal professional development is professional and it does of course benefit your business. The way topics are covered will also help your staff to get more of what they want outside of work, with the benefit that they are likely to give you even more at work.

So if you want your staff to be more motivated, produce more, and take responsibility for developing their career and your business, be seen to be actively helping your staff in their wider life as well as in your business.

One of the following options will help you achieve that aim:

Staff Development Programme

A three-step programme which will get your staff more engaged with the business and more productive. It builds the skill sets that will help them to take control of managing their careers, increasing their motivation and contributions to business success.

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Micro-workshops are designed to be run as short sessions (an hour or less) covering topics that will help your staff to be more fulfilled and productive at work, and will also help them to be more successful outside of work.

They can be run in many different ways. For example, at lunchtime, as part of a team meeting, or to kick off the day, the week, or a particular project. Alternatively you might want to put 2 or three together to build a half day, day, or longer Ad-hoc Workshop.

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Tailored ad-hoc workshops

Pick from the range of micro-workshop topics and put several together to form longer workshops covering specific topics.

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Love your Leaders

One-to-one coaching for executives and senior managers or other key staff in your business.

The higher you get in a business, the less people you have to turn to in order to help you be individually successful. One-to-one coaching gives individuals someone independent with whom to discuss their performance, ideas, and “problems”. It ensures that you get the most from your leaders and goes a long way to reducing stress and ensuring good performance and value for money for the business.

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