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Start Your Business

Start a Business

“It has given me lots of strategies in marketing my ideas and how to approach people as customers and look for niches. I recognise what people want when selling my products. I have become more aware of methods such as networking and sales”

Pete Revell

In Start Your Business you will learn the key skills that you need to get your business up and running successfully and efficiently so that you can get on with delivering the things you love doing and make your business generate the revenue to provide the lifestyle you want.

What NOW?

If you’d like to discuss further or are ready to get going:

If you’re ready, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Taking the leap into self-employment can be both exciting and daunting. It’s an opportunity to do something you love and to create the lifestyle you want.

You may well have read the stats about the high number of start-up businesses that fail. I certainly come across many small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed by all the work and who are certainly not leading the lifestyle they imagined their business would provide.

And the reason is this: they are, like you, very good at what they do, but they’ve never been taught or gone out and learned the basic skills to run business.

The good news is that the key skills for running a successful business are actually quite simple.

Key Skills

  • Getting clear on your vision and mission: who are you and what do you really do for your clients / customers?
  • Who is your ideal customer anyway?
  • How can you most efficiently make your potential customers aware of you and turn them into actual customers?
  • Knowing what the important stuff really is in your business
  • Getting that important stuff done ...and it isn’t just providing the product/service
  • Understanding how you fit into all the elements of your business, which you really need to do and which you could (and maybe should) outsource
  • Having a workable action plan and a mechanism for ensuring you make it happen