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One to One Personal Professional Development in your career

Personal Professional Development

“I now feel I have the necessary confidence and skills to succeed in the future”

Richard Jones

“Through coaching I found out that I know more than I thought and learned to be more positive about myself, and raise my profile. I got so much more out of these coaching sessions than I ever expected to”

Amanda Cox

This is an investment of your time and money – and you will see a return on that investment if you follow through with the action plans you create during your sessions.

If you’re ready to take action; ready to reduce the stress and create more success and enjoyment in your career, then right now is a good time to talk to me about what you want to achieve and explore how I can help you.

It’s about finding the right level of input for you, whether it’s weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc, we can make it work in just the right way for you.

What NOW?

To find out more or book, then please make contact:

If you’re ready, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Successful people have mentors and coaches – sports men and women, coaches, public speakers, politicians, business magnates, television personalities, and so on. You could benefit too.

Personal Professional Development provides you with a coach/mentor in your career and even beyond if you want. But, what’s in it for you?

  • One-on-one career coaching from an internationally accredited, experienced and successful career coach
  • Someone independent to discuss your career with, who will challenge you positively, support and encourage you, and hold you accountable for your success
  • A space to share any concerns and frustrations confidentially ...and to develop solutions so that you can improve those situations
  • A “kick up the bum” if you need it to make sure you’re doing the things that will get you where you want to go (i.e. achieving your goals)
  • Somewhere you can develop your goals for your whole life, as well as your career, and ensure that they all work together
  • An environment that will help you grow as a person not just in your career or work

    ...and of course any of the topics you see in Own Your Career, Start a Business or other programmes here.