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Own Your Career

Own Your Career

"Dave and I worked very successfully on my career guiding sessions and with excellent results! It not only helped me to get the job I wanted but also gave me new confidence and a new approach on how to tackle the job market and interviews”

Fran Linke

Own Your Career puts you in charge of your working life and gives you the skills to manage your career.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of W-H-O you are at work: what’s important to you and what your contributions, achievements and transferrable skills are. You’ll learn how to do all of the elements that it takes to create the career and working life that you want.


Why it is important to manage your career

  • The world is changing. The speed of change has never been so great. Are you fit to cope?
  • Jobs don’t last as long as they used to
  • Employers no longer take such a big role (often none) in directing their employees’ careers
  • Many organisations have performance review strategies where employees have to assess their own performance and agree their own objectives
  • Relocation, re-organisation and outsourcing are common. There is no guarantee that hard work and performance will preserve your job in these situations
  • Most people can expect their job to be made redundant at least once during their working life...often more. The skills to successfully and confidently navigate redundancy are now essential
  • Those who are proactive in taking ownership of their career tend to feel more in control, be happier and more productive. Because they take responsibility for their own career, they tend to be more fulfilled inside and outside of work.

Own Your Career is designed to give you the essential skills that will be useful to you throughout your career.

There are 2 Options:

  1. Own Your Career Fundamentals: these are the core skills to ensure maximum success and fulfilment whilst you’re in your current role
  2. Own Your Career Enhanced: all the Fundamentals plus the skills to decide your next best step and approach the job market successfully (or transition into self-employment or retirement). Ideal if you’re facing redundancy or want to make a career change.

You will gain:

Own Your Career Fundamentals

  • Mindsets and attitudes for Career Success
  • Setting your personal professional goals to support your goals outside of work
  • Detailed awareness of your transferrable skills, qualities and achievements
  • Clarity on what is important to you in your work and career (what makes an ideal role)
  • Networking to manage your career (on-line and off-line)

What do you do NOW?

Contact me to discuss the best programme for you.

If you’re ready, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Own Your Career Enhanced (including job market skills)

  • All of the Own Your Carer Fundamentals programme
  • Dealing with change positively
  • Considering your options (same career and industry, something different)
  • The skills to produce different styles of CV according to your needs – a CV for a similar role looks very different to one you’d use to change career.
  • Full review of your existing CV in light of best practice for what’s working in the marketplace now
  • Strategies to use all the routes to the job market effectively (advertised jobs, recruiters, direct approach)
  • Enhanced networking skills, useful to explore where your skills will fit and to identify unadvertised opportunities
  • Skills to interview effectively and comfortably
  • Prepare for your new role – ensure that you have a plan to make a great start.

These are the core skills for career management and will help you to make good career decisions now, and continue manage your career effectively in the future.