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Your Career MOT

Career MOT

“I now feel I have the necessary confidence and skills to succeed in the future”

Richard Jones

What NOW?

If you’re ready to arrange Your Career MOT or have questions, click here.

If you’re ready, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Your Career Mot is an opportunity to take stock of where you are in your career and where you want to get to. It’s like a career health-check.

This is the option for you if you’re not ready for the full Own Your Career programme, but you do want to take stock of where you are and where you’re going.

Career MOT will give you greater clarity on the following key areas:

  • Your personal career goals
  • How your career goals support (or otherwise) the lifestyle you aspire to
  • Understanding what an ideal role looks like to you right now
  • Where your current role fits into your definition of an ideal role
  • What’s going well and what isn’t in your career right now

You’ll come away with all of that and an action plan to keep you on track, or get you back on track to a more fulfilling, enjoyable and successful working life.