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Your Business MOT

Business Coaching MOT

"What I specifically came away with allied to the more general feeling of empowerment, were the ideas that seemed to “appear” in relation to real situations such as communicating existing clients, and opportunities to take further advantage of current projects.”

Peter Lucas,

Your Business MOT puts YOU back in the driving seat, ensuring that you are firmly in control of what your business does for you. After all, it not only provides the funds the basics (gas, electricity, food, etc), it provides your house, your holidays, your experiences, YOUR LIFESTYLE.

What will Your Business MOT do for you?

  • Reality: A clear understanding of where your business is now, what’s going well, what problems you perceive, and where things can be better
  • Destination: Well defined goals for your business that support your personal goals
  • Route Map: An action plan to achieve what you want
  • Tool Kit: Strategies and tools to help you make it happen

Is Your Business MOT right for you?

Let’s be clear here. This is an investment of your time and your money (though this is an allowable business expense for UK tax purposes), and the good news is that you’re in control of the return you get on that investment.

And I do expect you to make a return – as long as you’re willing to take action.

Business owners (people in general actually) who know where they are heading, know why they are heading there and know what they need to do to get there tend to achieve far more that those who don’t. Your Business MOT is designed to get you clear on the where, why, what, and get you going on the how so that you make yourself more successful that you already are.

So, if you are ready to make your business better than it already is, and take action towards it in the coming weeks and months, Your Business MOT is right for you.

If not, then it’s probably not right yet, but let’s talk anyway to see whether it might be right in the future.

How it works

We have an initial telephone chat (allow 15 – 20 minutes) to make sure that its right for you.

Assuming it is we’ll arrange Your Business MOT meeting which will take around 2 – 2.5 hours, following which you’ll get your report detailing your goals and action plan along with information reminding you how to use any tools or strategies we’ve discussed.

Your meeting will ideally be face-to-face, but can take place remotely (telephone/web meeting) depending on location or your preference.

2 weeks after you get your report, we’ll have a “how’s it going?” call (allow 15 – 30 minutes) to pick up on any questions you have and make sure that you’ve got what you need to succeed.

What do you do NOW?

If you’re ready, I’m looking forward to working with you to create more success.