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Business Growth Group

Business Growth Group

If you prefer to work with other people or one-to-one coaching is out of your range just at the moment, this is the option for you. 

You work alongside a group of other business owners to grow and develop your business. You benefit from their experiences and vice-versa.

Structure and benefits

  •  11 monthly meetings a year
    (all except August) of 1 ½ hours
  • The maximum group size will be 10 people
  • Training & learning focussing on a topic that you can take away and implement in your business, ensuring that you are consistently improving
  • Business update from each member focussing on what you’ve achieved during the month and what’s gone well in your business
  • Solution finder – an opportunity to share any issues in your business and get input to help resolve them
  • Commitments: be accountable for improving your business by telling the group what you plan to implement during the next month


  • Access to me: you’ll always be able to pick the phone up to me if anything needs clarifying or you have any particular issues in your business during the month.

    (If anything requires major input we may need to arrange this from myself or a relevant professional at extra cost)

Other benefits:

One free individual session for you or a directly employed member of your staff per year of membership (valid after your 3rd monthly meeting)

Further membership benefits:

  • At least 10% discount on other training events run solely by me
  • 25% discount on individual sessions for your business (you or a permanently employed member of staff)

Sample Training Topics

  • getting the important stuff done in the business
  • Knowing your numbers
  • nailing the customer avatar
  • mindsets for success part 1
  • mindsets for success part 2
  • goals for the month
  • your ideal work environment (values)
  • sharing your values with your team (employees and wider team)
  • Making friends with the enemy (knowing others who do what you do)
  • Forging partnerships for collaboration
  • Defining your ideal client
  • ...and other topics important to the members of the group

Your Commitment

  • Attend each monthly meeting to ensure that you and the rest of the group gain maximum benefit
  • Pay monthly fees by standing order before 10th each month
  • Plan to be a member for at least a year so that you can measure the benefit of this monthly input to your business growth.

How do I Join a Business Growth Group

To find out about existing groups or if you and some other business colleagues would like to set one up locally to you.