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Business Coaching MOT

'I would like to recommend Dave Cordle. He has been my mentor for a while and he has helped me make some very beneficial changes in my personal and business life”.

Dave Goodman, Owner, Insight 2 Computing

What next?

Answering those questions might give you the motivation and answers you need to change your business and the life it gives you. If not, get in touch with me to arrange a free chat (allow 15-20 minutes) so that

- I can help you work out what you need to do to make things better.

- You can decide whether you have the contacts and resources to change things yourself.

- We can discuss how my skills could benefit your business, assuming you decide I’m the right coach for you and vice-versa.

Personal Professional Development in your business is about you growing as a business owner (and probably as a person) so that you and your business become more successful. You’ll also enjoy your business more, and the things you do away from it. 

There are three key sections on this page:

Firstly, a little quiz to get you thinking about your business and how and what you might change things to make it even better.

Then some information about the sort of benefits you might expect by engaging with personal professional development. Of course the benefits are very personal so you might also want to look at my testimonials page.

Finally you’ll find information about how you can engage with me to develop and grow your business and yourself.

So, do read on if that’s your style, but if you want to get straight on an discuss options and find out if I’m the right person for you to work with call or message me to arrange a chat.

The Quiz

Is this you in your business?

  • My business brings enough money to fund the lifestyle I really want
  • I have a clear vision and mission; I can clearly articulate the purpose of my business and my long and short term goals
  • I find running my business joyful, stress-free and stimulating
  • I have all the time I want to spend on hobbies, with my family, on holidays or whatever else I want to do
  • My staff are productive, do their jobs really well and promote my company
  • I am working with the customers/clients I want to work with

So how did you get on?

If you answered a confident and resounding “Yes” to all of those questions then you’ve probably got things sorted. I’d be delighted to talk with you but in all honesty, you probably don’t need me unless it’s useful to you to have someone independent to talk with about your business and keep you on track.

So what if you didn’t answer a confident and resounding “Yes” to all those questions?

Well, firstly I hope that it’s got you thinking. A good question to ask yourself is “What would I rather have?” Once you’ve answered that you might ask yourself “how else could I do things to get the things I’d rather have?”


Key benefits to you as a business owner

These are some of the benefits my clients like you get from working with me:

  • Clear vision and mission: make sure you really know where you are, where you want to get to
  • Identify the practical steps to get you there
  • Stay motivated and make sure you actually do the things that make a difference
  • Someone independent to talk to and bounce ideas off
  • Someone to hold you accountable for your success

Other benefits include

  • Coping / stress management strategies
  • Your business creates the lifestyle you want
  • We can discuss how my skills could benefit your business, assuming you decide I’m the right coach for you and vice-versa.
  • More enjoyment in the business and a better life outside
  • Increased profits

How it works:

There are three key options for you as a business owner to engage with and benefit from Personal Professional Development.

1. Your Business MOT

If you aren’t reviewing your business regularly, it could be failing somewhere without you noticing. You probably get your teeth checked, heating boiler serviced and car serviced regularly. So why not your business?

Your Business MOT will assess the key areas of your business and focus in detail on the those most important to you and for your business development. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of where you are now and simple strategies that you can implement to get you moving to where you want to be.

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2. Personal Professional Development for Business Owners

Regular one-to-one coaching for business owners at agreed intervals (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc), ensuring that you have someone independent with whom to discuss plans, get input on resolving problems in the business, and make sure that you keep doing the good things so that you continue to enjoy your business and a lifestyle that you choose.

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3. Business Growth Group

This is the option for you if you prefer a group environment. You get a monthly meeting with a small group of other business owners (max 10).

Every month you’ll focus on a topic that will benefit your business and have an opportunity share successes and to gain input from the group to help you resolve problems and share successes. This group option also gives you discounts on other services.

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