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Accreditations & Qualifications & PPD

Personal Professional Development

In addition to accreditations, qualifications, and so on (see below), I regularly undertake my own Personal Professional Development activities because I believe that to operate effectively, professionals working in my field should be continually learning and improving.

Here is a selection of the PPD activities I undertake

  • Quarterly NLP practice group
  • CDI: attendance at CPD events organised by the CDI, both online and the annual conference. I have delivered workshops at the CDI national conference and written articles for the CDI’s quarterly magazine, “Career Matters”
  • Monthly Be Collaboration events
  • Meetings with my own coach(es)
  • Reading, listening and web research
  • Connecting and sharing best practice with other coaches in my own and related fields.
  • Monthly gratitude group


Key Accreditations / Qualifications / Professional Activity

First accredited in 2004 with re-accreditation every 4 years involving presentation of a detailed portfolio of evidence and an interview with a Fellow member in a different country.

Currently a member of the ICCI board of Governors (since 2013) and chair of the Global Career Council.

CDI is the official professional body for UK Career professionals. Formed in 2013, I played a key role in ensuring that The Association of Career Professionals International (my former professional body representing Independent Career Professionals) was one of the five former UK career professionals’ bodies involved in the formation of CDI. As such I have been awarded the position “Legacy Fellow of the CDI”.

The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming is the professional body for NLP practitioners. I am qualified to Master practitioner level and have taken additional training in NLP Sports Coaching. All of the training I have done is academically recognised.

360 Reach is a powerful brand awareness tool which I use with clients to help them understand how different parts of their network view them and how this compares with their own view. This can be the start of a powerful coaching conversation.

Other relevant qualifications / training

  • Certificate and Diploma in Live Coaching (Newcastle College)
  • Solutions Focussed Brief Therapy
  • Psych-K
  • NLP Sports Practitioner